On Saturday, 22nd February, the Swiss Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (part of WDFPF) hosted their annual Swiss Championships. A record number of 49 athletes participated. The Committee thanks all the participants and all volunteers, congratulations for the great results!

What is Powerlifting? Every athlete has three attempts in the following three exercises (Powerlifts). There is a ranking for the total of all three (Powerlifting, the best lifts count towards the total) and there is a ranking for the single lifts.
Backsquat 125kg (Swiss Record Powerlifting + Single Lift) – Nick Charnley @61.6kg (Swiss Champion Powerlifting and Single Lift, -67.5kg M1):

Bench Press 50kg (Swiss Record Powerlifting + Single Lift) – Jessica Preiss @48.6kg (Swiss Champion Powerlifting and Single Lift, -50kg JR):

Deadlift 110kg (Swiss Record Single Lift) – Sonja Gysin @58.4kg (Swiss Champion Single Lift, -58.5kg M3):

Here are the official results:

Results Powerlifting Swiss Championships (SDFPF) 2014

Results Single Lift Swiss Championships (SDFPF) 2014

Best Lifter Powerlifting:

1. Favey John 374.982
2. Dorizzi Dario 361.152
3. Gysin Ramon 360.425

1. Wyss Anna 244.991
2. Preiss Jessica 233.188
3. Richoz Fabienne 231.819

Best Lifter Single Lift:


Men: Ramon Gysin 138.625
Women: Anna Wyss 92.63

Bench Press:

Men: Roland Gongarad 111.12
Women: Anna Wyss 55.578


Men: Dario Dorizzi 157.168
Women: Linda Morgenthaler 115.063

If you wish to participate in the future, please drop us a message and we will get you started.
Updated official Swiss Records:

Records Suisse Single Lift Women unequipped

Records Suisse Single Lift Men unequipped

Records Suisse Powerlifting Women unequipped

Records Suisse Powerlifting Men unequipped

I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse. –Florence Nightingale

I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse. –Florence Nightingale

17 athletes represented CrossFit Basel. You can find a summary of their results here:

Results Team CFBS

Most of you did compete for the first time, most of you do primarily CrossFit. You all did an amazing job, I am very proud to be your Coach! Most of you did qualify for international Competitions (you will get an email with further infos).

I am numbers guy, so I let the numbers speak:

34 Gold Medals, 10 Silver Medals, 5 Bronce Medals (Cat Powerlift and Single Lift).

We broke 27 swiss records, 5 more swiss records have been set from ohter athletes coached by me.

We currently hold 75 swiss records and 2 world records in Powerlifting.


Ramon Gysin,
(Owner CFBS)
(Secretaire SDFPF)


Thank you Chrigu

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