Swiss Powerlifting Championship (SDFPF) Lausanne

Past Weekend was Competition time again!!

17 athletes travelled to Lausanne to compete in Powerlifting! The Swiss Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (part of WDFPF) hosted their annual Swiss Championships. After a long day, all were tired but happy – we hit a bunch of PR’s and placed great results!!

What is Powerlifting? Every athlete has three attempts in the following three exercises (Powerlifts). There is a ranking for the total of all three (Powerlifting, the best lifts count towards the total) and there is a ranking for the single lifts.

Our coach Nora Jäggi ranked as best athlete over all weight classes in total according to body weight adjusted points just like in the Single Lifts Bench Press and Deadlift. Bao Luu took best lifter in the Backsquat.

Headcoach Ramon Gysin also came in as best athlete in all weight classes in total plus in Single Lift Back Squat.


All in all, the team of CrossFit Basel won 12 gold medals in Powerlifting plus 29 gold medals in the Single Lifts!

Furthermore, we broke 35 Swiss records. Therewith, CrossFit Basel is by far the best team in Switzerland!

Overall, this competition registers a record of participants with 63 competing athletes. Check out the article in the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung about our great performance!

Here’s Nora with an amazing lift of 190kg Deadlift.

Athletes Bao-Uyen Luu and Katrin Luethy managed to top their Personal Records in Back Squat and Bench Press!

Coach Lukas Büel benched more than 1.5x of his own bodyweight with 100kg!

And last but not least Headcoach Ramon Gysin showed everyone off in his supreme discipline, Back Squat with 260kg.

IMG_2490   10981199_10206290605133265_4977182299773577554_n


You can find the videos of the best lifts here!

Detailed results of all the lists can be found here:





Congratulations to everyone for this epic performance and great achievements!!