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Open Workout 19.2

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Thursdaynight/ Fridaynight, February the 22th 2019, the first WOD of the CrossFit Games Open was released. Some woke up at night to check their phones. Everyone was excited to see what’s going on.

And there it was: …

Workout 19.2

  • 10 DB

Men 50lb dumbbell /24 inch box
Women 35lb dumbbell /20 inch box

All details here.

Looks quite easy but it was a real Sucker. 

With the Dumbbell Snatches also a new equipment and movement has been introduced.

I would like to quote Ramons‘ words about the Open:

One year ago I already wrote:

„First week down. The box is literally vibrating. Five weeks in which everyone is nervous and the air is full of tension.

I love the opens and I hate it as well. I love it, because people seem to be more alive. They want to achieve something – they have goals they want to reach, they compete against each other and training with equipment as weights and an amazon exercise ball really help them to fulfill this purpose. I love to see their smiles if they did much better than expected.

I also love to see their fear cause I know this experience will teach them a lesson in life as well.

I hate it (sarcasm right there ;)) because it is extremely time consuming and it’s hardly possible to get any other work done during these five weeks. Our team invests plenty of extra time and effort to make this happen for you!“

Well, this did not really change! It’s one of my favourite times of the year, people are alive, they share there success, they suffer together, workout together, have fun together!

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120 athletes registered for our two boxes! Amazing!

After that nice suckfest the overall CFBS-Top-Ten-leaderboard looks like this:

The Team is currently sitting on place 81 in europe but we have to wait till the deadline is over. CFHQ seems to have big IT-troubles and they extended the period to submit your score. We’re still wondering how many Re- and Re-Redo’s happened…

But for now we have 7 Girls in the Top 20 in switzerland:

Alessia Joy Wälchli (first place!), Jana Sollberger, Sarah Mentzen, Aline Seebacher, Nora Jäggi, Jessica Preis, Katrin Luethy.

The Top 5 at CrossFit Basel and CFBaselDowntown are:

  • Alessia (11:41)
  • Jana (13:24)
  • Sarah (14:11)
  • Aline (14:15)
  • Nora (14:24)
  • Ramon Gysin (15:04)
  • Sascha Albini (15:06)
  • Joel Wächter (15:28)
  • Tom Schwander (16:13)
  • Benoit Luthy (16:16)

We want to give a special mention to our masters! There are 16 Masters from division 35-59 (!) which belong to the fittest Top 20!  Respekt!

F.ex. Sascha is on first place in the 40-44 years group and Jana (2.) and Katrin (4.) are Top 5 in the 35-39 division in Switzerland. Way to go!

Current standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

Very close! On the third place: The Bomb Squad with the best Spirit, marketing and merchandising.

The Bully-Buddies aka Team Tizi are second. Quietly hidden but successfull.

The DT Outlaws are at the top! Maybe also because of the power of the powerbelly himself? Anyway: Slothfit for life!

Let’s see what next! 17.2 is near.

photocredits: Mike Wolff and Gee-Jay

Donnerstag, 27. August 2020

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5 rounds for time of:
400-m run
15 hang squat clean and jerks
9 weighted strict pull-ups

♀ two 35-lb. DBs for C&J, one for pull-ups
♂ two 50-lb. DBs for C&J, one for pull-ups

Results Swiss FSA Strong(wo)man Cup 2020 – CrossFit Basel



Am Samstag 22. August fand in Münchenstein bei CrossFit Basel der Swiss FSA Strong(wo)man Cup 2020 statt. 38 TeilnehmerInnen hatten sich eingeschrieben und sorgten erneut für Spannung in jeder Kategorie. Mit 11 Teilnehmern war die Strongman-Kategorie die grösste und die Leistungsdichte nahm im Vergleich zu den vergangenen Jahren weiter zu.

On Saturday August 22nd, the Swiss FSA Strong(wo)man Cup 2020 took place in Münchenstein at CrossFit Basel. 38 participants had registered and once again provided excitement in every category. With 11 participants, the Strongman category was the largest and the overall level continued to increase compared to previous years.

Headcoach Ramon Gysin sicherte sich souverän den zweiten Platz in der stärksten Kategorie (18 Rangpunkte, dritter Platz 19 Rangpunkte) und erzielte einen neuen Schweizerrekord (-105kg) im Deadlift mit 310kg.

Head coach Ramon Gysin confidently secured second place in the strongest category (18 ranking points, third place 19 ranking points) and set a new Swiss record (-105kg) in the deadlift with 310kg.

Leonardo Bucci wurde 6. in der Kategorie „Strongman“.

Leonardo Bucci was 6th in the „Strongman“ category.

Krysia Waterhouse gewann die Kategorie „Strongwoman“.  Sie belegte in 5 Events den ersten Platz.

Krysia Waterhouse won the category „Strongwoman“.  She took first place in 5 events.

Nora Jäggi ist die beste Gewichtheberin der Schweiz. Obwohl sie nicht  spezifisch für den Wettkampf trainiert hat, bewies sie ihre Vielseitigkeit und belegte den zweiten Platz.

Nora Jäggi is the best olympic weightlifter in Switzerland. Although she has not trained specifically for this competition, she proved her versatility and finished second.

Die weiteren Resultate von Team CrossFit Basel:

Jerry Crossan, 2. Platz Kategorie Newcomer +105kg
Basil Bard, 4. Platz Kategorie Newcomer -90kg
Max Gay, 6. Platz Kategorie Newcomer -90kg
Luca Kaufmann, 10. Platz Kategorie Newcomer -90kg
Livio Dettwyler, 11. Platz Kategorie Newcomer -90kg

The other results of Team CrossFit Basel:

Jerry Crossan, 2nd place category Newcomer +105kg
Basil Bard, 4th place category Newcomer -90kg
Max Gay, 6th place category Newcomer -90kg
Luca Kaufmann, 10th place category Newcomer -90kg
Livio Dettwyler, 11th place category Newcomer -90kg

Alle  Resultate sind im Detail unten aufgelistet.

CrossFit Basel ist seit 2011 im Strong(wo)man-Sport aktiv und richtet jedes Jahr mindestens einen Wettkampf der Schweizermeisterschaft aus.

Strong(wo)man Workshops:

Sonntag, 11. Oktober, 29. November, 20. Dezember

Weitere Infos findet ihr auf der offiziellen Homepage des Verbandes.

All results are listed in detail below.

CrossFit Basel has been active in the Strong(wo)man sport since 2011 and organises at least one competition of the Swiss championship every year.

Strong(wo)man Workshops:

Sunday, 11 October, 29 November, 20 December

More information can be found on the official homepage of the association.

Swiss FSA Strong(wo)man Cup 2020

Die AthletInnen haben sich in folgenden 5 Disziplinen gemessen:

The athletes competed in the following 5 disciplines:

Resultate im Detail:

Results in detail:

Deadlift 1RM – 3 Versuche
Jede/r AthletIn hat 3 Versuche. Das Gewicht auf der Stange steigt kontinuierlich, bis nur noch die Stärksten im Rennen bleiben. Wer am meisten Gewicht hochhebt, hat gewonnen. Headcoach Ramon Gysin erzielt einen neuen Schweizer Rekord (-105kg) mit 310kg.

Deadlift 1RM – 3 attempts
Each athlete has 3 attempts. The weight on the bar increases continuously until only the strongest remain in the race. Whoever lifts the most weight wins. Head coach Ramon Gysin sets a new Swiss record (-105kg) with 310kg.

Log Lift:
Wer kann den Log öfters hochheben? Zeitlimit 90s.

Log Lift:
Who can lift the log more often? Time limit 90s.

Atlas Stone loading:
Die Steine müssen vom Boden auf die Paletten gebracht werden. Wer schneller ist, hat gewonnen. Timecap 90s.

Atlas Stone loading:
The stones have to be brought from the ground onto the pallets. The one who is faster is the winner. Timecap 90s.

Circus Dumbbell:
Die verschiedenen Circus Dumbbell müssen vom Boden über den Kopf gebracht werden. Wer das höchste Gewicht bewegt, gewinnt. Zeitlimit 90s.

Circus Dumbbell:
The various Circus Dumbbells must be brought from the ground over the head. Whoever moves the highest weight wins. Time limit 90s.

Farmers Walk:
Die beiden Gewichts-„Koffer“ müssen 2x15m getragen werden. Wer schneller ist, gewinnt. Zeitlimit 90s.

Farmers Walk:
The two weight „suitcases“ must be carried 2x15m. Whoever is faster wins. Time limit 90s.

Sandbag Carry:
Der Sandsack muss in 90s so weit wie möglich getragen werden. Wer ihn weiter trägt, gewinnt.

Sandbag Carry:
The sandbag must be carried as far as possible in 90s. Whoever carries it further wins. 

Weitere Videos des Wettkampfes findet ihr auf Vimeo.

You can find more videos of the competition on Vimeo.

Weitere Bilder des Wettkampfes findet ihr auf Flickr.

More pictures of the competition can be found on Flickr.

History CrossFit Basel 2011-2020:


Resultate 1. Strong(wo)man Contest 2018 Basel

Resultate 1. Strong(wo)man Contest 2017 Burgdorf
Resultate 2. Strong(wo)man Contest 2017 Bern
Resultate Finale Swiss Strongman Championship 2017 Basel


Strong(wo)man: Swiss Championship Log Lift & Axle Bar Deadlift 2016

Resultate Strongman Finale 2015 im Hafen Basel
Resultate des 1. Strongman-Wettkampfs 2015 in Neuchâtel

Strongman Finale 2014
Resultate 1. Event Strongman Swiss Championship (Swiss-FSA) 2014

Rückblick Strongman Saison 2013
Resultate 2. Event Swiss Championship (Swiss-FSA) 2013
Resultate 1. Event Strongman Swiss Championship (Swiss-FSA) 2013

Resultate Finale Strongman Swiss Championship (Swiss-FSA) 2012
Resultate 1. Event Strongman Swiss Championship 2012 (Swiss-FSA)

Resultate „CrossFit meets Strongman“ 2011“