DMITRY KLOKOV: Seminars @ CrossFit Basel

Dmitry Klokov

Dmitry Klokov

CrossFit Basel is proud to be part of the European Tour 2014 with Dmitry Klokov, the russian weightlifting star.

CrossFit Basel will host a friday evening seminar (April 25) and a rare two-day seminar (April 26-27, only Iceland and Scandinavia will have two-day seminars as well) which will be the ending of his current tour.

This is a unique opportunity to train with Klokov! This is no ‘meet & greet’. With small numbers in attendance this will be an intimate seminar event. You get to spend two days with the biggest weightlifting star in the world and ask him to check out your form!!

Our focus is on giving you a high quality elite experience. We want to provide you with the best possible opportunity to really benefit and learn from your participation.

Klokov is huge star in the weightlifting world and a growing icon within CrossFit, in which he is currently taking a keen interest.

Results Dmitry Klokov

Results Dmitry Klokov

Each session will include the following:

– Lifting demonstration by Klokov

– Coaching input by Klokov on lifting by participants

– Presentation and Informal questions and answers sessions covering the following: training, preparing for competition, increasing strength, efficiency, movement quality, mobility drills and recommendations, diet and supplementation.

– Team CrossFit workout with Klokov participating in a team.

This is another huge Milestone in the history of CrossFit Basel. We bring Klokov to Switzerland.


More information, few spots left.