Strength in Depth Competition

On the weekend of December 13/14 2014, a group of athletes from CrossFit Basel travelled to Bath University Sports Village, UK to participate in the biggest European International Team Competition – next to the Regionals – the Strength in Depth Competition. One team requires a minimum of seven male and five female athletes of which one of each has to be over 40 years of age.

Qualifying out of close to 100 teams as fifth during the ‚Qualifiers‘ – 3 qualification rounds – CrossFit Basel was represented in the Final by:


Katrin Luethy

Alessia Wälchli

Nora Jäggi

Romina Wicki

Denise Koller

Jessica Preiss


Tom Schwander

Benaja Wälchli

Claudio Gallasch

Ramon Gysin

Sascha Albini

Fabian Tresch

Basil Bard

Sabine von Salis joined the team as physio support as well as Sibylle Delvoigt as fan support.


You can watch two videos of the three qualification rounds here.

6 of the athletes absolved their first international competition (Alessia, Jessica, Basil, Denise, Benaja and Sascha). Sascha and Denise represented the required master athletes of the team. Jessica travelled along as a cover up athlete, and kept the team in good spirits.

All in all, 9 events and the final event had to be absolved within these two days. Saturday was covered by events 1-6, whereas the remaining events took place on Sunday. Have a look at the programming of the events here.

To start off the competition right, our team won event 01A: 1 max rep Snatch, 1 max rep Frontsquat with a total weight of 1305kg. Event 5, which consisted of 10m sprint / Med Ball Throw-Over Shoulder (75kg/45kg) / 10m sprint was dominated by the ladies of the team who placed first – as a full team, they finished in second place. Here’s the video of the male’s performance!

15992279176_054684481a_z 15395804034_1be0c34778_b

They came in 7th in the last final event and stayed persistent with their power and strength all the way throughout the two competition days. Despite a minimum of preparation for the competition, the team reached a fantastic fourth place overall with 251 points.

If you would like to watch the videos of the competition, highlighting the video of CrossFit Basel who wins event 01A, plus various interviews with our athletes, you can simply register with your name and emailaddress at SiDTV.

All pictures are to be found on our Flickr account.

Well done, congratulations!