Results 2nd League Championship Grenchen

On Saturday, March 28th, the 2nd League Championship in Olympic Lifting took place in Grenchen. All athletes of our ‚Gewichtheberclub beider Basel‘ who took part achieved podium places:

3rd League: 1st place for David Burgunder (81kg) Snatch 74kg / Clean & Jerk 96kg Total of 170kg and 208.2 Sinclair Points.

3rd place for Simon Hauri (107.9kg) Snatch 81kg / Clean&Jerk 105kg Total of 186kg and 201.3 Sinclair Points.

2nd League: 1st place for Basil Bard (82.4kg) Snatch 80kg / Clean&Jerk 100kg Total of 180kg and 218.5 Sinclair Points


Half of the League Championships are done – GHCBB sits on first place in team ranking in six of seven main Leagues (3rd League, 2nd League, Juniors, Women Elite, League B, League A) plus with a single athlete.

League A, the club ranks second place in team ranking plus 3rd place with a single athlete.

Furthermore, we achieved first place in Cup ranking and also in the total team ranking in all Leagues. Up to this date, the season of GHCBB registers 18 Swiss records and 22 podium places.

That means, on aggregate, GHCBB is the most successful Weighlifting Club in Switzerland currently!!

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Our female athletes who are part of the Swiss National Squad spent the weekend in Budapest to compete at the Soroksar Cup in Budapest. They too, absolved a fantastic performance!!

1st plcae Nora Jäggi, Junior: Snatch 78kg / Clean&Jerk 91kg

1st place Alessia Joy Wälchli, Women Elite: Snatch 63kg / Clean&Jerk 78kg

1st place Romina Wicki, Women Elite: Snatch 63kg / Clean&Jerk 81kg

2nd place Jessica Preiss, Women Elite: Snatch 52kg / Clean&Jerk 65kg


Congratulations to everyone for these great accomplishments!