Results 2nd League Championship Olympic Weightlifting Tramelan

Past Saturday, our association ‚Gewichtheberverein beider Basel‘ sent out 21 athletes to compete at the second League Championship in Tramelan (BE).

It was a sucessful day with ELEVEN athletes on the podium! This leads to GHCBB being the best current weightlifting club in Switzerland in the team ranking.


Additionally, we register six Swiss Records in the ladies league:

Jessica Preiss, category -53kg holds three records with 66kg Clean&Jerk, 52kg Snatch and 118kg in Total.

Romina Wicki, category -63kg also holds three records with 80kg Clean&Jerk, 64kg Snatch and 142kg in Total.

Top Rankings:

3rd League: 2nd place David Burgunder, Snatch 70kg, Clean&Jerk 95kg

2nd League: 1st place Basil Bard, Snatch 83kg, Clean&Jerk 105kg

3rd place Bozidar Cvijetic, Snatch 92kg, Clean&Jerk 110kg

1st League: 2nd place Lukas Büel, Snatch 70kg, Clean&Jerk 98kg

3rd place Daniel Sollberger, Snatch 90kg, Clean&Jerk 112kg

Women’s League:

Juniors: 1st place Nora Jäggi, Snatch 74kg, Clean&Jerk 88kg plus best Lifter of the day in terms of Sinclair points.

1st place: Nadine Steinger, Snatch 70kg, Clean&Jerk 88kg

2nd place: Romina Wicki, Snatch 64kg, Clean&Jerk 80kg

3rd place: Jessica Preiss, Snatch 52kg, Clean&Jerk 66kg

Weightlifting Competition Tramelan 2015

B League:

2nd place: Benaja Wälchli, Snatch 106kg, Clean&Jerk 136kg

3rd place: Felix Egli, Snatch 96kg, Clean&Jerk 120kg

A League:

3rd place: Tom Schwander, Snatch 123kg, Clean&Jerk 140kg plus a total of 309.06 Sinclair Points as the third best valuation of the day.

Tom Schwander

Tom Schwander

Ramon Gysin

Ramon Gysin


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Congratulations to all our athletes, great job!