Regionales Leistungzentrum beider Basel: Judo @ CrossFit Basel

Amongst all the training, coaching and competitions, CrossFit Basel hosts and sponsors different sports-groups and athletes. Besides Karate competitor Radovan, the ‚RLZ – Regionales Leistungszentrum Basel‘ trains twice a week at our box.

Short interview with Judokas Florian Droux and Nico Lerch:

Markus Wellenreiter is a former coach of CrossFit Basel and leads the RLZ. RLZ provides a platform for young and talented competition athletes and supports them to become part of the competitive sport or the national team.

We’d like to introduce Markus and his team today!

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1. Regionales Leistungszentrum beider Basel – who are you and what do you do? 

We are a team of 23 participants of which seven participants are part of the national team. The other 16 members are part of the Sichtungskader. Our goal is to win medals at international competitions.

2. How do you come round to CrossFit?

The infrastructure of the box is exceptional in Switzerland! It provides us with more than enough room to absolve our trainings, plus we have access to all the freeweights and other equipment. Furthermore, the box is ideal for all bodyweight exercises, Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting, which is also part of our training routines. We love that we are able to go all out without anyone complaining about too much noise.

3. How many times do you train per week?

At CrossFit, we train twice a week. Total trainings per week are 7-10 times.

4. What do you train?

We train strength basics like Powerclean, Frontsquats, Bench Press, Pull ups and Dips. Depending on the training phase, we do Cardio on the Airdyne and Prowler or run up the Gempen regularly.

Plus of course Judo, Judo, Judo!

5. To what extent do Judo athletes profit from CrossFit?

  • Better awareness of their bodies
  • Adjustment of disbalances
  • Improvement of strength
  • Explosive movements and endurance.

6. What does your typical work as a coach look like? What are your goals you want to reach with the RLZ?

I was a coach at CrossFit Basel parallel to my job as a coach of the U15 Judo team. After that I transferred to be headcoach of the RLZ Basel. This made me quit my function as a coach at CFBS.

I coach the group in all trainings. That means I lead Fight-, Technique-, and Conditioning Trainings as well as coaching on competitions and in national and international training camps.

Our long term goal is the same for all team members. Participation of the Olympics, Medals at the European Championship and World Championship. Short – or middle term goals are set individually as not everyone is on the same level. We have Judokas in our team who are still fighting on a local level, then we have athletes who are on a national level or even those who compete in international competitions.

8. Your biggest successes up to now?

  • Third place Team Swiss Championship U21
  • Swiss Championship 2014 we scored 10 medals
  • Current awarded junior athlete is our team member Florian Droux
  • 2 big successes with Michèle Johner (Veneto/1) and Luc Heitz (Cannes/F)

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A big thanks to Markus and his team for their contribution to this article. All the best for the future – follow us on Facebook to stay tuned for updates on the RLZ and their successes!