Strength in Depth 2015

Last year, our Competition Team travelled to England for the first time to absolve the biggest international team competition – next to the Regionals – Strength in Depth. The team must be composed of seven male athletes and five females, both genders with one athlete over the age of 40.

It is by far not a matter of course that a box manages to send twice in a row such a large team of capable athletes to an international competition. Finishing the competition this and last year in the Top Ten (4th and 5th) out of 50+ teams in Europe adds the fact, that CrossFit Basel not only has a few good athletes but numerous ones throughout all ages that are in great shape.

This year’s representatives were:
Alessia Wälchli
Jessica Preiss
Romina Wicki
Katrin Luethy
Nicole Reichmuth (Master)
Tom Schwander
Sascha Albini (Master)
Lukas Büel
Ramon Gysin
Fabian Tresch
Basil Bard
Joel Wächter


The competition had eleven events ready for the team to tackle. As we know them, Event 1 was their favorite – Max Olympic Lifting Clean&Jerk. And heavy lifts they did: Ramon 145kg, Tom 140kg, Joel 140kg, Alessia 80kg, Romina 80kg, Katrin 75kg. Unfortunately due to rules regarding the floor protection (bar is not allowed to leave the platform) – most of the lifts on the ladies site didn’t get a score and so instead of rank 4, the fell back to place 22. Not a reason to throw in the towel…..


……..because they owned Event 1B with a second place finish:

3 male and 3 female athletes:
In 3 minutes: Max handstand hold
In 3 minutes: Max chin over bar hold

They came in second with amazing work by Lukas who held his chin above the bar for more than 90 seconds, while Alessia kept standing on her hands for solid 90 seconds. Well done.

Throughout the two days the team finished all the events – except event 6 – in the top ten! Even the swimming challenge was mastered successfully by Lukas, Fabian, Sascha, Basil, Alessia and Jessica – Jessica Frogpreiss who outpaced the guys with the kick-board was a great highlight.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-01 um 13.28.23

Other supreme action during the comp:

– Alessia Wälchli outruns Sam Briggs on the 400m sprint
– Lukas Büel rocks 15 unbroken Bar Muscle Ups while Tom Schwander shows how to smash 30 Chest to bar pull ups unbroken after 12 unbroken thrusters with 75kg.
– Fabian Tresch slaps out 220 Unbroken Double Unders in the final event
– In the same event, Basil Bard climbs legless instead of doing ordinary rope climbs, God knows why – anyway, in the end he was faster! PLUS, Ramon Geissenkopf power snatches 3x 100kg.

IMG_1010 IMG_1022


Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-02 um 13.48.25

Officially they ended the competition on place 6. Technically though, they had place 5 – Team Reebok performed as a Promo Team and therefore had no scores in the final event and may be neglected in the leaderboard.

Two big competition weekends in one month – that is an enormous accomplishment and a tough strain for those bodies. To still perform on such a high level and being consistent with a strong performance proves once more that smart and continuous training pays off.

Congratulations to the Team CrossFit Basel!

If you want to see the detailed WOD’s, all results, videos and pictures you can find them on the website and the Facebook page of SiD.