Reebok CrossFit Games Open WOD 16.1

photocredit: Gee Jay

photocredit: Gee-Jay

Headcoach Ramon Gysin sums up the numbers, what, why and how of Open WOD 16.1:

One year ago I wrote:

„First week down. The box is literally vibrating. Five weeks in which everyone is nervous and the air is full of tension.

I love the opens and I hate it as well. I love it, because people seem to be more alive. They want to achieve something – they have goals they want to reach, they compete against each other. I love to see their smiles if they did much better than expected.

I also love to see their fear cause I know this experience will teach them a lesson in life as well.

I hate it (sarcasm right there ;)) because it is extremely time consuming and it’s hardly possible to get any other work done during these five weeks. Our team invests plenty of extra time and effort to make this happen for you!“

Well, this did not really change! It’s one of my favourite times of the year, people are alive, they share there success, they suffer together, workout together, have fun together!

104 athletes registered for our two boxes!


photocredit Oli Franklin

Thursdaynight, February 25th 2016, the first WOD of the CrossFit Games Open was released. We were all eagerly waiting to see what they came up with this time. Here’s what we got:

Workout 16.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
25-ft. overhead walking lunge
8 burpees
25-ft. overhead walking lunge
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Men lunge 95 lb.
Women lunge 65 lb.

All details here.

This workout revealed, wether you have done your cardio homework or not. I quote Jami from „The Training Plan“: „Suckfest“.

With the lunges also a new movement has been introduced.


photocredit Oli Franklin

Rankings so far in Region Europe:


Ouch, page 2 on the leaderboard. We do not like this. But this is the reality. Team CrossFit Basel currently ranked 69. Part of this reality:


27’000 entries in Europe. Almost 300’000 athletes put in a score for 16.1. CrossFit as a sport is getting bigger and bigger and also much more competitive. Whereas last year 390 teams battled for the 20 spots allowing them to compete at the Meridian Regionals, this year a whopping number of close to 480 teams registered (2014: 360). This shows the immense and accelerated growth in competitive CrossFit.

In some regions our score would be good enough for Top 20. In other regions Top 50. In EVERY other region we would rank higher than our current standing. This puts our efforts in perspective (but doesn’t help at all).

Other Teams struggle as well. CF Turicum, participating at the Games last year are currently sitting on rank 20 in a workout which is normally in their realm (high rep, bodyweight/low weight, cardio). Other new teams perform strong. Teams form, teams are built. Teams are built with ambition.

Official analysis from the games site.

Current standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

WOD-Nit (Nicole) 26
Bully Buddies (Andi) 19
DT Outlaws (Lorenz) 29
Team Hoff 27
Bomb Squad (Döne) 34


The spirit points go to Döne and Nicole, they supported and briefed their team all weekend long! Fantastic work guys!

Men Overall:

1. Tom Schwander (1151)

2. Joel Wächter (1186)

3. Basil Bard (1219)

4. Nikola Jevtic (1463)

5. Ramon Gysin (1976)

Sascha Albini Masters 40-44 (40)

Women Overall:

1. Alessia Wälchli (104)

2. Pascale Herrmann (298)

3. Jessica Preiss (443)

4. Aline Seebacher (685)

5. Nora Jäggi (795)

Nicole Reichmuth Masters 45-49 (12)

Men WOD 16.1

1. Tom Schwander (236 reps)

2. Joel Wächter (235)

3. Basil Bard (234)

4. Nikola Jevtic (230)

5. Sascha Albini (220)

Guest Coach Oli Franklin beat all of our athletes with an outstanding score of 247 reps. As he is registered at his home box CrossFit Lapa in Rio de Janeiro (where he co owns the Hostel Mambembe) his score will not count towards our team.

Women WOD 16.1

1. Alessia Wälchli (252)

2. Pascale Herrmann (225)

3. Jessica Preiss (215)

4. Aline Seebacher (200)

5. Nora Jäggi (195)


photocredit: Oli Franklin

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