Strong(wo)man: Swiss Championship Log Lift & Axle Bar Deadlift 2016

On Saturday April 2nd the Swiss Strongman Federation hosted the swiss championship in Log Lift & Axle Bar Deadlift in Lucerne at the GO-Active fitness exhibition.

CrossFit Basel was represented with four athletes, Vanessa Grosdanoff, Bogdan Krumov, Bruce Phillips and Headcoach Ramon Gysin.

In a last (wo)man standing style contest athletes competed in two different events. Athletes could skip a weight or jump in whenever they wanted. It was a short but intense competition. The ranking in each event was added to one final ranking.

All CFBS athletes did extremely well, here are their results:



1. Vanessa Grosdanoff



2. Ramon Gysin
5. Bogdan Krumov
6. Bruce Phillips

Axle Bar Deadlift:

Vanessa took first place with a new swiss record of 185kg:


Ramon took second place with 300kg:


Bogdan took 5th with 240kg:

Bruce took 6th with 220kg.

Log Lift:

Vanessa tied first place with Larissa, pressing 55kg overhead.

Ramon took 2nd with a new personal best of 127kg:


Bogdan and Bruce shared fifth place.