Switzerland’s Fittest 2016


Sunday, April 4th, CrossFit Zug/Luzern hosted the first national competition „Switzerland’s Fittest“ at the go active fitness exhibition in Luzern.

Thank you Janosch and Stefan for a fantastic event! Great atmosphere, challenging workouts and precise organisation. A big thank you also to all volunteers as we know how much work it is to host events.

CrossFit Basel was represented with three Athletes: Alessia Wälchli, Joel Wächter, Ramon Gysin.

Find the full ranking of the competition here.




1. Christoph Büeler (CrossFit Luzern/Zug)
2. Henry „Gülle Heiri“ Kulla (CrossFit Kreis 9)
3. Christof Zellweger (CrossFit Turicum)


1. Lindsay Hurte (CrossFit Turicum)
2. tied: Lisa Eble (CrossFit Jackhammer)/Alessia Wälchli (CrossFit Basel)

Congratulations Alessia for your great performance! She fought well and won a special prize for her dedicated effort.


Joel and Ramon both finished on a tied 7th place!


A: Disco Disco
4 Min. to establish your 3 RM Bench Press:

Ramon won with 3 x 150. Joel took 7th with 3 x 105. Alessia got 3 x 65 for a forth place.


B: Stand up
4 Min. to establish your 3 RM Backsquat:

Ramon won with 3 x 230. Joel took second with 3 x 170. Alessia took second as well with 3 x 112.5. Seems CrossFit Basel knows how to squat.


Ramon was told by the organisers beforehand that he might have to bring his own plates (blue competition plates). He had to.

C: Updside Down
1 attempt to find your Max Effort unbroken T2B
1 Min. AMRAP to perform the Handstand Parcour

Ramon took last with a new PB of 27 unbroken Toes to bar. Joel took second last with 29 reps. Alessia took second again beating even the best male athlete. 42 reps.



Ramon took 6th in the handstand walk parcour. Joel 5th. Alessia fourth.



The Fifties

For time:
50kcal Assault Air Bike:
Start with arms and legs then splitting up legs only and alternating to arms only every 5 calories (until 50 calorie total is met)
50 Squats
50 HR Pushups
50 Pull-ups

Ramon sprinted through the Assault Bike calories and the Squats, got stuck on the pull-ups. Finished 9th. Joel showed a balanced performance, took 5th. Alessia crushed the workout and finished 30 seconds ahead of her competition.



All in / All out

5 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Squat Snatch 60/40 Kg
20 Box Jumps 60/41 cm
30 DB Thruster 15/10 Kg
40 Double Unders
50m One Arm Overhead Lunges 24/16 Kg
40 Double Unders
30 DB Thruster 15/10 Kg
20 Box Jumps 60/41 cm
10 Squat Snatch 60/40 Kg
5 Bar Facing Burpees

Ramon had a very hard time on this one, just finished barely within the timecap, got a 9th place. Joel got a solid 5th place again. Alessia crushed it once more and took third.




A: The Bear

For Time:
5 Bear Complex 70/50 Kg

Third place for Ramon. 6th for Joel and third for Alessia.

Only the top 4 moved on to the very final Workout:

B: Showdown

Buy in:
1000 m Row

2 Rounds for Time:
10/7 m Handstand walk
10 Deadlifts 130/90 Kg
10/7 m Handstand walk
10 Bar Muscle up

Buy out:
75 Wallballs 10/6 Kg

After a long day, this was super hard. Alessia managed to finish the workout, but the other girls were all ahead of her, 4th place.




More Pictures/Videos:

Media 1

Media 2