Open Workout 17.5 / RECAP CrossFit Games Open 2017

It’s done! Once again.

The Crossfit Opens: every year, these five weeks stir up mixed emotions. A cocktail of expectancy, high hopes, impatience and joy mixed with apprehension, respect and maybe a pinch of fear.

The Open 2017 ended with 17.5. A nasty 40 minutes-timecap workout.

10 rounds for time of:

9 thrusters

35 double-unders

men 95lb. women 65lb.

Looks simple and „easy“ but it was a real mindf**k. A nice grueling finisher after 5 weeks of pure CrossFit. „Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.“

Some people are happy that it’s over. Sleepless thursday-nights before the workout-announcement. The fear for Burpees and Thrusters…sore muscles and painfaces all over the place.

But as tough it was, it was also a great time to grow as a person and as a community. We had 117 CFBS-Athletes who signed up for the Open 2017 and were able to beat last year´s numbers! Great work peeps! The team spirit was awesome and it was beautiful to see how you guys are helping each other out by cheering and offering support. That’s what those times are about. Growing stronger – physically and physiologically as a human.

This year the Open showed the direction how the sport is developing. Weights and skills are getting „heavier“. More people chose the scaled variation. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just an option to make the experience possible for more people. It is also showing us that almost nothing is impossible and that there’s always a way to improve and „get better than yesterday“.

Now some numbers and final performance analysis:

This is copied straight from the CrossFit Games Open Rule book:

„The team Leaderboard is unofficial and subject to change until all Individual athletes have completed the video review process and either accepted or rejected their invitation to compete at regionals.“

The following leaderboard is just provisionally.

Rankings so far in Region Europe:

Consistent performance. But to less „men“-power to reach a regional-spot. We keep on working!

But another proof that we are doing a great job to bring up new athletes shows us our CFBS-Top Ten Leaderboard:

and the CF Downtown-Top Ten:

Joel is overall No.1 at CrossFit Basel. Tom second and Sascha third. Our girls continued their hard work and top performance from last year: Alessia is first, Nora second and Katrin on third place.

Alessia (1.) and Nora (8..) belong to the top 10 in Switzerland.

Katrin Luethy (3.), Sascha Albini (1.), Marc Hell (5.), Nicole Reichmuth (1.), Gabi Schmidlin (4.) and Dora Seebacher (1.) belong to the swiss top 5 in their masters division.

So much respect for you all! Lifetime goals…just sayin’…

Masters top 3 ranking in Europe: Nicole 7, Katrin 27, Sascha 43

Men top 3 ranking in Europe: Joel 905, Tom 1125, Ramon 3021

Women top 3 ranking in Europe: Alessia 23, Nora 252, Katrin 300

That means -we just can’t hold it. We’re still waiting for the confirmation…but:

Alessia qualified for the Meridian Regionals! All your hard and dedicated work pays off girl! You rock!

FINAL standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

Damn. It was really close and tough battle but in the end Team Outlaw made it!

The Team-Spirit and support was outstanding and we have to thank you for the show, the entertainment and the box-decoration… Sloth Love for life! <3

Team Bomb Squad convinced with high quality merchandise- and event-organization. A lot of respect to „D.B. the captain“ and her team! Unfortunately in the end they missed some points due to injuries and sickness but it was an awesome effort guys! Your cohesion and spirit was remarkable!

The Bully Buddies can celebrate a fantastic 3rd place. For Tiziano it was his first time acting as a captain and he did a great job leading and taking care about his team. He also set a good example regarding suffering through the workouts….

Cheers to Team Wod-Nit. Strong 4th place! They already celebrated the top ranking of Capt’n Nicole with a sightseeing tour at the Feldschlößchen-Brauerei. …not sure if there‘ a relation between the hop beverage and the pictures of Flo. (Just kidding! 😉 )

Team Hoff rules under the slogan „understatement for the win“ and just enjoyed life and had a good time at the competition floor and above the roofs of Basel….

Keep up the great work folks!


We finished the five weeks and the sunny day with a nice „Hello spring“- BBQ and looking forward to the next events with you all! Thank you guys!


Thanks to Gee-Jay, Mike, Alice, Michaela, Lorenz (Team Outlaw), Döne, Team Tizi, Nico and everyone who made pictures, helped with the organization and to „make it great again“!

Take a look for more and stay tuned for more news and infos towards CFBS @ MERIDIAN REGIONALS!


Some „deep thoughts“ at the end:

The Opens to us is a way of showing what you are made of: during as well as after your workout. It is pushing yourself further than you would have thought, it is forcing your body to the limit and then crossing it, it is collapsing in a pool of sweat, pain and relief after the last rep or when the clock finally buzzes. It is entering the pain-zone and coming out whole. It is hating every minute but pulling through anyway, it is being so focused the only thing you are able to hear is the voice of your judge, urging you to keep going. The Opens is members spending time to judge people they only just met and building new friendships. It’s becoming part of the Community by not solely consuming but participating, by becoming involved and thus creating a living and breathing atmosphere anyone felt included in when stepping into the box. The Opens is coaches and staff volunteering their free weekends to judge and coach and plan and organize the heats. It’s athletes staying until 10pm on a Monday night just to support the last person doing the workout. It is members choosing to do the workouts RX’d even if it meant less reps or more work and greater effort and a whole lot of frustration. The Opens is when an athlete shakes their head to the judge saying “that was not a rep, it doesn’t count”. The Opens is people sprinting to their sportsbag to grab a bottle, or tape, or their rope for someone they never spoke to beforehand but saw them struggle during the workout.

If there is any message we wish you to learn from the past weeks it is the following: hard work pays off. Every year you can test yourself, but there is no reason to wait for one entire year to push yourself again. Keep working hard, stay focused, help your friends and anyone else you meet, be your own judge when working out, don’t give up on improving your weaknesses and continue being part of our community. Remain curious, keep your eyes on your goals and most of all enjoy every minute of it.

Thank you to every single participant and our staff who worked live a beehive in high season.

Stay strong and keep shining.