Results World Powerlifting Championships WDFPF 2017 – Boston USA


On Saturday November 4th and Sunday, November 5th, the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation hosted their annual World Championships in Boston USA.

CrossFit Basel was represented by four athletes and won one bronze medal and took 1 european record and 6 swiss records!

Our lifting Team currently holds 99 swiss, 12 european and 10 world records!

Find detailed explanation about the sport of Powerlifting as well as past reports on the bottom of the post.

Results Team CrossFit Basel:

Monika Kohler-Wiesli, 3rd place M4/-70kg:

Backsquat: 90kg (Swiss Record)
Bench Press: 52.5kg
Deadlift: 107.5kg (Swiss Record)
Total: 250kg (Swiss Record)

Sarah Mentzen, 4th Place SR/-70kg:

Backsquat: 100kg
Bench Press: 67.5kg
Deadlift: 135kg
Total: 302.5kg

Patrick Paulos, not ranked JR/-67.5kg:

Backsquat: 150kg
Bench Press: X102.5kg
Deadlift: X
Total: X

Unfortunately Patrick could not successfully lift the Bench Press minimum weight and therefor was not ranked.

Ramon Gysin, 4th Place SR/-100kg:

Backsquat: 279kg (European Record)
Bench Press: 167.5kg
Deadlift: 290kg (Swiss Record)
Total: 736.5kg (Swiss Record)

Find the best lifts of Team CrossFit Basel on vimeo.

Words from Head Coach Ramon Gysin:

„We spent a great time in Boston seeing old friends and making new ones. I love competing in the WDFPF because the atmosphere is very friendly.

It is two days of lifting and everybody, Teenagers, Seniors and Masters, men and women, competes together on the same platform. Athletes are cheering for each other, helping each other out. Our federation is very inclusive and the community is strong.

The anti doping rules are the most strict in the world. Cheaters get banned for life. They are not allowed to come back, unlike other sports or federations. Hence it’s the drug free federation, not only drug tested. Nevertheless, last year, 10 people have been caught using illegal substances.

Being abroad is always a great opportunity to see other CrossFit Boxes.

Powerlifting is a very safe sport. We rarely have injuries happening at our competitions.

The benefits of strength training are well documented and established. It’s not unusual to have athletes competing into their 80s in our federation. You build muscle which supports your skeleton. Strength training is the practical application of basic physics. You learn to control external objects, being aware of optimal body and object position.

Powerlifting is a very healthy sport. More people should lift. In fact, people working an office job should lift. Most people don’t think about it, but you move into a nursing home once you are not strong enough anymore to fulfill everyday activities. The longer you are strong, the longer you will be independent.

Consistency, listening to your body, patience. Respecting the process will make you strong. Being strong (and fit in general) gives you more opportunities in life.

Start easy, only 2h of training a week can lead to great results already! Try a Powerlifting or CrossFit class at our box.

Finding time to calm down before a competition is crucial. The Boston area is beautiful!

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Upcoming Seminars:

November 26th at CrossFit Noir/Blanc Fribourg

What is Powerlifting?

Every athlete has three attempts in the following three exercises (Powerlifts). The total of the best lifts count towards the total.


275.5kg Backsquat 2 – Ramon Gysin @99.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Bench Press:

170kg Bench Press 3 – Ramon Gysin @99.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.


WR 207.5kg Deadlift 3 – Nora Jäggi @74.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

You can also compete in Single Lift Competitions where you choose to compete in one, two, or all three lifts, but get ranked separately in each lift.

The next event for our team is the Swiss Powerlifting Championship (date and location to be announced).

There are raw competitions where only a belt is allowed and there are equipped competitions (single ply => one layer of suits/equipment and multi ply => several layers of equipment) where athletes wear assistant suits, briefs and knee wraps to be able to lift much more weight.

Team CrossFit Basel is competing raw.

What is the WDFPF?

The World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation was established to give drug free lifters a home as in most strength sports there is no or little drug testing. In fact there is no other sports federation (including ALL olympic sports!) in the world today that knows such severe punishment like the WDFPF. If an athlete is tested positive he or she will be banned FOR LIFE and all past results will be erased.

The WDFPF is also an inclusive federation, all athletes, no matter what age, are competing at the same venue at the same competition together, ranked in their respective weight and age classes.

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