Open Workout 18.3

Thursdaynight/Fridaymorning, March 9th 2018, the third WOD of the CrossFit Games Open 2018 was released.

Headcoach Ramon Gysin about 18.3

„Dave Castro announced early on before the Open started that he will destroy the „box“ in which people think about what the Open is going to test. And I think he is doing a great job so far. Given the narrow boundaries he has to operate within to make sure many people in many CrossFit Affiliates all over the world and also Garage Gym CrossFitters can execute the workouts (eg think movements, logistics, equipments), we saw new stuff every workout.

18.3 was all about one of CrossFit’s main concepts: Variance, work your weakness. Struggled with double unders last year? Still can’t do them? Struggled with any form of muscle-ups last year? Still can’t do them? Same goes with pull-ups or overhead squats. Avoiding difficult exercises will leave with you with big holes in your game. Better get comfortable with being uncomfortable and practice the stuff you are not yet good at!“

Workout 18.3

2 rounds for time of:
100 double-unders
20 overhead squats
100 double-unders
12 ring muscle-ups
100 double-unders
20 dumbbell snatches
100 double-unders
12 bar muscle-ups

Women perform 80-lb. OHS, 35-lb. DB snatches / Men perform 115-lb. OHS, 50-lb. DB snatches

Scaled: (Ages 16-54) Single Unders, chin-over-bar pull-ups                                                                 Women perform 35-lb. OHS, 20-lb. DB snatches / Men perform 45-lb. OHS, 35-lb. DB snatches

Time cap: 14 minutes

All details here

A lot of our members made the wise decision by choosing the scaled division either because of the weights  („technique first“) or because of the muscle-ups.  Nothing wrong with that! We all still have to learn and improve in many areas. Learning should never stop.

How the CrossFit Basel athletes performed


Alessia Wälchli is now placed 10th after 18.3 in Women Europe South, she had the 8th best resulat (690 Reps) in 18.3 in Europe South. She is still 3rd  in Switzerland. Also good rankings in the category Women Switzerland have:

  • 13.  Jessica Preiss (5th (630 Reps) best result in 18.3 in Switzerland)
  • 32. Lani Messner

Women 35+

Dora Seebacher moved to the 7th place after 18.3 in Women 60+ in Europe South, she is still first in Women 60+ in Switzerland. Marie Lavina is currently 6th in Women 55-59 in Switzerland. Marie  had the 2nd best result in 18.3 in her category in Switzerland.

After 18.2 Sarah „Särri“ Mentzen still holds the 8th place in Women 35-39 in Switzerland. Gail McBride is currently 13th in Women 40-44 in Switzerland and also Doene Bonina is actually on the excellent 20th place in the same category. Rachel Elend holds the 9th place in her category Women 45-49 in Switzerland.



Sascha Albini is placed 3rd after 18.3 in Men 40-44 in  Europe South, he is on the 2nd place in Men 40-44 in Switzerland.

After 18.3  Joel Wächter is still on the 12th place, Tom Schwander is currently on 16th place in Men Switzerland. Markus Wellenreiter is currently on the 7th place in Men 35-39 in Switzerland.

In the category Men 55-59 are still two athletes from CFBS – Adrian Gasser is currently third in Switzerland and David Stöckli is still on the 5th place. Esteban Pombo is 5th in Men 60+ in Switzerland.


The CrossFit Basel Team is currently on the excellent 12th place in Europe South! In Switzerland we are on the 3rd place.

How does the internal Leaderboard of CrossFit Basel look like

After 18.3 CFBS-Top-Ten-leaderboard looks like this:


Current standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition

The Lima Sailing Team Linda Fahrni (CrossFit Bern) and Maja Siegenthaler from Team Downtown Outlaws performed their Open Workout 18.3 in Palma de Mallorca.  Since a week they are in Palma de Mallorca to prepare the coming sailing season. The first competition will be the European-Cup 2 -7 April 2018 in Mallorca.

Maja says: „For us, CrossFit is a balance to normal strength and endurance training. We have also been persuaded to participate in the Open. We thought that this would not fit anyway, because we are never five weekends in a row in Switzerland. But this excuse did not count… so we were allowed to do 18.1 and 18.3 in Spain.

Let’s see what’s next! 18.4 is near (published Friday night 16th March 2018, 2am (am zwei am Morge unseri Zyt!) CET @ We’re still waiting for the „Repeater“…

Stay healthy and strong people!

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