Results European Powerlifting Championships 2018 (WDFPF) – King’s Lynn ENG


CrossFit Basel was represented by Headcoach Ramon Gysin at the European Powerlifting Championships 2018 (WDFPF) in King’s Lynn ENG. He came in second in the -100kg Senior Division.  Congratulations!

Our lifting Team currently holds 101 swiss, 12 european and 10 world records!

Find detailed explanation about the sport of Powerlifting as well as past reports on the bottom of the post.

Results Ramon Gysin, BW 99.4kg/-100kg:

Backsquat: 265kg
Bench Press: 165kg
Deadlift: 277.5kg
Total: 707.5kg

HEADCOACH RAMON GYSIN: „I am happy with my result, it’s been the fourth weekend in a row I have been competing. It has not been my best lifting day by far but I did my best and this is what counts in the end. I also had my easiest weight loss ever, going down from 102.9kg on Friday night to 99.4kg on Sunday early morning. I also felt good in the morning but last week’s Strongman Competition surely took it’s toll in the Squat and the Deadlift. I love lifting in the WDFPF, today I was lifting on the same platform together with a 76 (210kg Deadlift) and 78 (180kg Deadlift with replaced knee!) year old! Tell me another sport where this happens. Now two days relaxing in London and then back home! I also got sun burned, in the UK!!“

Find the best lifts of Team CrossFit Basel on vimeo.

Are you interested in hosting one of Ramon Gysin’s Powerlifting Seminars or Strongman Workshops? Here are your next chances:

May 10th – CrossFit Baden – Powerlifting Workshop

May 21st – CrossFit Basel – Strong(wo)man Athletes Workshop

August 4th/5th CrossFit Basel Summer Training Camp

August 26th – Ländle CrossFit – Strong(wo)man Athletes Workshop

October 14th – CrossFit Basel – Strong(wo)man Coaches Workshop

October 28th – CrossFit Blue Apple (Wahlen/BL) – Powerlifting Workshop

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What is Powerlifting?

Every athlete has three attempts in the following three exercises (Powerlifts). The total of the best lifts count towards the total.


275.5kg Backsquat 2 – Ramon Gysin @99.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Bench Press:

170kg Bench Press 3 – Ramon Gysin @99.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.


WR 207.5kg Deadlift 3 – Nora Jäggi @74.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

You can also compete in Single Lift Competitions where you choose to compete in one, two, or all three lifts, but get ranked separately in each lift.

There are raw competitions where only a belt is allowed and there are equipped competitions (single ply => one layer of suits/equipment and multi ply => several layers of equipment) where athletes wear assistant suits, briefs and knee wraps to be able to lift much more weight.

Team CrossFit Basel is competing raw.

What is the WDFPF?

The World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation was established to give drug free lifters a home as in most strength sports there is no or little drug testing. In fact there is no other sports federation (including ALL olympic sports!) in the world today that knows such severe punishment like the WDFPF. If an athlete is tested positive he or she will be banned FOR LIFE and all past results will be erased.

The WDFPF is also an inclusive federation, all athletes, no matter what age, are competing at the same venue at the same competition together, ranked in their respective weight and age classes.

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