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Freitag, 29. März 2019


4 rounds of
4min AMRAP
3 rope climbs
12 thrusters
4min AMRAP
row for cal

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lao Tzu

Olympisches Gewichtheben – 2. Ligarunde Inferieur Zentral

(english version below)

Der GHCBB tritt mit insgesamt 14 Athletinnen und Athleten an der 2. Ligarunde Inferieur Zentral im CrossFit Öuf an.

Am 23. März fand in Zuchwil die 2. Ligarunde Inferieur statt. Der GHCBB war mit einem grossen Kader vertreten.

Tatjana Abramidés konnte sich den 3. Platz in der 1. Liga bei den Damen sichern und Patricia Crowe erreichte den 2. Platz in der 2. Liga der Damen.

Übersicht aller Resultate der 2. Ligarunde Inferieur Zentral

1. Liga Damen:

3. Tatjana Abramidés (54/75/129) – 170.392 Sinclair

4. Jolanda Holzherr (54/68/122) – 159.816 Sinclair

5. Mary Argast (50/65/115) – 157.068 Sinclair

7. Zita Zeuggin (45/57/102) – 134.997 Sinclair

2. Liga Damen:

2. Patricia Crowe (50/66/116) – 141.820 Sinclair

4. Laila Miarelli  (40/53/93) – 137.500 Sinclair

6. Leonie Bard (45/55/100) – 130.621 Sinclair

7. Franziska Grassinger (42/53/95) – 113.136 Sinclair

8. Linda Bräutigam (38/50/88) 113.001 Sinclair

9. Tamara Lutz (41/53/94) – 112.275 Sinclair

1. Liga Herren

4. Marco Tanner (85/115/200) – 255.942 Sinclair

6. Edmond ter Brugge (100/120/220) – 250.527 Sinclair

9. Basil Bard (85/110/195) – 230.252 Sinclair

3. Liga Herren

3. Bayram Dincer  (50/65/115) – 139.883 Sinclair

Der GHCBB gratuliert allen angereisten AthletInnen zu den starken Leistungen und wünscht viel Erfolg in der weiteren Saison.

Der nächste Wettkampf findet bereits am 27. April in Rohrschach statt: 2. Ligarunde Superieur, die Nationalliga A/B der Männer und Frauen.

Eine Gesamtübersicht der Resultate: Hier

Videos der besten Versuche: Hier

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(english version)

GHCBB will compete at CrossFit Öuf with a total of 14 athletes at the 2nd round inferior central

On March 23, the second round of the inferieur league took place in Zuchwil. The GHCBB was represented by a large cadre.

Tatjana Abramidés secured third place in the women’s league and Patricia Crowe took second place in the women’s second league.

Overview of all results of the 2nd round Inferieur Zentral

1st League Ladies:

3. Tatjana Abramidés (54/75/129) – 170,392 Sinclair

4. Jolanda Holzherr (54/68/122) – 159,816 Sinclair

5. Mary Argast (50/65/115) – 157,068 Sinclair

7. Zita Zeuggin (45/57/102) – 134,997 Sinclair

2nd League Ladies:

2. Patricia Crowe (50/66/116) – 141,820 Sinclair

4. Laila Miarelli (40/53/93) – 137,500 Sinclair

6. Leonie Bard (45/55/100) – 130,621 Sinclair

7. Franziska Grassinger (42/53/95) – 113,136 Sinclair

8. Linda Bridegroom (38/50/88) 113,001 Sinclair

9. Tamara Lutz (41/53/94) – 112,275 Sinclair

1st League men:

4. Marco Tanner (85/115/200) – 255.942 Sinclair

6. Edmond ter Brugge (100/120/220) – 250,527 Sinclair

9. Basil Bard (85/110/195) – 230,252 Sinclair

3rd League men:

3. Bayram Dincer (50/65/115) – 139,883 Sinclair

The GHCBB congratulates all athletes to the strong performances and wishes them success in the following season.

The next competition will take place on April 27 in Rohrschach: 2nd league round Superieur, the national league A / B of men and women.


Open Workout 19.5

Like every year, there are no CrossFit Open without thrusters and chest to bar pull ups!
This year we had to manage 105 repetitions of each of them. Not an easy task. Only a few members were able to finish all this reps within the 20-minute time cap.

Congrats to everybody who was able to finish this WOD!

Workout 19.5

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
95-lb. thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

All details here.

Our box owner itself showed us how it is done. Ramon finished the WOD in 16 minute and 44 seconds – first place of the CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtown. Also our Head coach from CrossFit Basel Downtown Pascale Hermann showed the girls how to handle the thrusters and chest to bar pull ups. She finished the WOD in 17 minutes and 41 seconds!

After this WOD the overall CFBS-Top-Ten-leaderboard looks like this:

The Top 3 Men for 19.5 at CrossFit Basel and CF Basel Downtown are:

The Top 3 Women for 19.5 at CrossFit Basel and CF Basel Downtown are:

This week the extra points for Team spirit go to Team Jolani. The two captains did the WOD late in the evening after Jolanda came back from the Olympic Lifting competition while everybody was already drinking beer and had BBQ. The updated and final leaderboard looks like this:

Congrats to team Fight clap! With a nice team spirit and some team events outside of the box, you definitely earned this title.

Montag, 25. März 2019


in To2:
squat clean
bar muscle up
400m run
5′ Rest
push jerk
chest to bar pull up
400m run

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe

Sonntag, 24. März 2019


3 rounds of:
2min AMRAP
20 abmat sit up
20 DB Push press
2min AMRAP cal row

Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed. – Bob Riley