Open Workout 19.3

With 19.3 we got a new movement in the open. The STRICT handstand push up.

Did you manage to do one or even more?

Workout 19.3

For time:
200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50 strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. handstand walk

50-lb. dumbbell, 24-in. box
Time cap: 10 minutes

All details here.

This hard WOD wasn’t easy to manage. Even the „scaled“ version included strict HSPU and 50 DB box step ups. But when the hair is still on point and you can still smile – the world is all right!

After this repeater the overall CFBS-Top-Ten-leaderboard looks like this:

The Top 3 Men for 19.3 at CrossFit Basel and CF Basel Downtown are:

The Top 3 Women for 19.3 at CrossFit Basel and CF Basel Downtown are:

This week the extra points for Team spirit go to Team Fight Clap! because they stayed till late at night and vocally supported their athletes. So the updated Leaderboard of the internal Open competition looks like this:

Congrats to everybody how managed to do their (first) strict HSPU!