CrossFit Games Open 2019 // RECAP

It’s done! Once again.

The CrossFit Open: every year, these five weeks stir up mixed emotions. A cocktail of expectancy, high hopes, impatience and joy mixed with apprehension, respect and maybe a pinch of fear.

The Open 2019 ended with 19.5. A nasty WOD witch included 105 thrusters and 105 chest to bar pull ups!

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
95-lb. thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

Looks simple and „easy“ but it was a real mindf**k. A nice grueling finisher after 5 weeks of pure CrossFit. „Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.“

Some people are happy that it’s over. Sleepless Thursday-nights before the workout-announcement. The fear for Burpees and Thrusters…sore muscles and pain faces all over the place.

But as tough it was, it was also a great time to grow as a person and as a community. We had 106 CFBS/Downtown-Athletes who signed up for the Open 2019! Great work peeps! The team spirit was awesome and it was beautiful to see how you guys are helping each other out by cheering and offering support. That’s what those times are about. Growing stronger – physically and physiologically as a human.

This year the Open showed the direction of how the sport is developing. Weights and skills are getting „heavier“. The first time in history we saw a strict movement at the Open! More people chose the scaled variation. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just an option to make the experience possible for more people. It is also showing us that almost nothing is impossible and that there’s always a way to improve and „get better than yesterday“.

Now some numbers and final performance analysis:

CFBS-CFBS Downtown Top Ten Leaderboard:






Congrats to Markus Wellenreiter who earned the title of the fittest of the Box!

CFBS / Downtown MEN

If we look at the men’s leaderboard we see Markus in the first place, Stephan Metzger second and Coach Marco and David share third place.



CFBS / Downtown WOMEN

On the women’s side, we see Coach Alice in first place. Just one point ahead of Lani Messner. Third place goes to our head coach of CrossFit Basel Downtown Pascale Herrmann.

So much respect for you all! Lifetime goals…just sayin’…

We can find some of these names on the swiss leaderboard again:

Swiss WOMEN (16-17):
3. Laila Miarelli

Swiss – MEN:
70. Markus Wellenreiter
86. Stephan Metzger

Swiss – WOMEN:
24. Alice Minghetti
26. Lani Messner
33. Pascale Herrmann
39. Mandana Zehtabchi

Swiss – MEN (35-39):
9. Markus Wellenreiter
12. Stephan Metzger
26. Ramon Gysin

Swiss – MEN (40-44):
17. Fabian Keller
50. Robert Flury

Swiss – MEN (45-49):
18. Marc Hell
36. Stefan Kündig
39. Nick Charnley
41. G-Jay

Swiss – MEN (55-59):
3. Adrian Gasser
8. David Stöckli

FINAL standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

Team Fight Clap secured the victory but the rest is very close together! Congrats to Team Fight Clap and their captains Linda Bräutigam and Lena Gebhart!


Now it’s time to say thank you to everyone who was involved and helped to make all this possible.

Fist I want to thank the Team Captains. You managed your team, where there if needed, ordered and designed shirts, answered thousands of questions and organized some team events outside of the box! 

Thanks for your effort Lani Messner, Jolanda Holzherr, Tabea Jandt, Linda Bräutigam, Lena Gebhart and Francis Fink. Without you the Open like we know it wouldn’t be possible!

Next are our photographers Lucie Pfändler and G-Jay. They came late at night or at the weekend to the box to capture these magical moments at the box. Maybe they captured someone’s first muscle up, outstanding performance or just some pain faces. Still, we are very grateful that you were there and took these cool pictures.

At the last Saturday, we had CrossFit DACH visiting us. Thanks a lot to Marcus Mcclain for coming over, do a lifestream on crossfitdeutschland Instagram account, bring some shirts and meat for the party later! In this manner, I want to thank Bejtula Jasari as well. He organized some or rather a lot of beverages for the party!

We must not forget the coaches. They did a lot of overtime in these 5 weeks, had to manage the special classes on Friday, answered all the questions about the Open and still had to perform when they did the WOD themselves. Thanks a lot for your extra effort over this exhausting time!

Last but not least we want to thank everyone who participated in this years CrossFit Games Open. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran, master, teen or first-timer, all of you have done your best and earned the title of a survivor of the Open! It was every single time a pleasure to come to the box and see each of you perform, struggle or succeed. The atmosphere over this time is different and breathtaking. So much energy, support, laughter, sweat in one place – that’s just great!

I’m really looking forward to the next CrossFit Games Open which takes place in October already. Now it’s time to recover and get back into training as soon as possible. There is no time to waste. Take the energy from the Open with you into every single CrossFit Class and try to become the best version of you.

Foundation is key!

Coach Marco


Some „deep thoughts“ at the end:

The Open are always my favorite time of the year, when we live and breath CrossFit. The Open’s essence is the community and high intensity. The simple beauty of CrossFit. 

Teaching CrossFit at Trainer Courses we would always joke, that in a globo gym nobody would cheer at you doing bicep curls. And it’s true. During the Open so many new personal bests get achieved because of the support of others. People cross barriers, become better athletes, overcome weaknesses and perform well over their expectations simply because the crowd is cheering them to do so. The Open is a catalyst of the possible. People doing things they thought are not possible for them, mentally as well as physically. Hard work pays off. 

Personally, I love the thrill of the Open workouts, the set-up, the late night nervosity. I love to do the workouts in one of the official heats with other members. Bit of shit talk here and there. But I also want to perform well and I will go well beyond my comfort zone, something I would not do so well being alone with a judge.

I want to thank all participants and the captains, Marco and all the coaches for their help, their support but also for their great effort. It was a fantastic five weeks!

Stay strong and keep going. 

Headcoach Ramon


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