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NO BULL CrossFit Games Open 2021 // THE RECAP

It’s done ! Once again. The 2021 Open is history !  What a great three weeks. 

81 members of CrossFit Basel/Downtown participated, making CrossFit Basel the box with the second most registrations in the whole German-speaking area of Europe (including Germany and Austria). This is awesome !

The circumstances were definitely special, but we are extremely satisfied with how we managed to stage this great event together. As announced in advance, many went above and beyond, did double-unders, wall-walks, toes-to-bar, kipping pull-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups for the first time, or achieved feats you didn’t think you could do. The Power of Community !

The Open 2021 ended with not one (!) but two (!) workouts: 21.3 and 21.4. These workouts combined our gymnastic and olympic weightlifting skills and pushed us to the limits one last time ! 


For total time:

15 front squats
30 toes-to-bars
15 thrusters
Then, rest 1 minute before continuing with:
15 front squats
30 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15 thrusters
Then, rest 1 minute before continuing with:
15 front squats 
30 bar muscle-ups
15 thrusters 

Workout 21.4 begins immediately upon completing or reaching the time cap for 21.3.   95 lb. for the front squats and thrusters. Time cap: 15 min.


Complete the following complex for max load:

1 deadlift
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk

Time begins immediately following the completion of 21.3. Time cap: 7 min.

Well done to all and congratulations on your well-deserved success ! As expected, you showed up at each event, fight through the pain and supported each other. With this special outdoor open edition, we showed that we are able to adapt and to grow stronger together in any kind of situation. 

Now some numbers and final performance analysis:

For the 21.3 and 21.4

In the women category: 

21.3                                                21.4

Congrats to Mandy and Nora for winning the 21.3 and the 21.4 event in the box. 

In the men category: 

21.3                                                21.4

Congrats to Nicolas F. and Ramon for winning the 21.3 and the 21.4 event in the box. 


CFBS-CFBS Downtown Top Ten Women Leaderboard:

Congrats to Katrin Luethy who earned the title of the fittest women of the Box and to Coach Mandy and Alice who are sharing the second place ! 

CFBS-CFBS Downtown Top Ten Men Leaderboard:

In the men category, congrats to Nicolas Fischer  who earned the title of the fittest men of the Box and to Nikola Jevtic for his second rank and coach Tom Witzig (first time in the open!) for his third rank. 

We can find some of these names on the swiss leaderboard again:

Swiss – MEN:
68. Nikola JEVTIC
71. Tom WITZIG

Swiss – WOMEN:
34. Katrin LUETHY
40. Alice MINGHETTI 
44. Mandana ZEHTABCHI 
72. Athimed El Taher

Swiss – MEN (35-39):
19. Ramon Gysin
81. Oli Sutter

Swiss – WOMEN (35-39):
4. Katrin LUETHY
33. Tania GARITO
43. Nathalie SCHÄFER
45. Franziska GRASSINGER

Swiss – MEN (40-44):
71. Borna MUELLER
97. Fabian BOHL
98. Rodrigo DELGADO

Swiss – WOMEN (40-44):
21. Sandra LIETZAU
66. Tanja RÜEGG

Swiss – MEN (45-49):
22. Gabriel GEE-JAY JENNY
25. Marc HELL
38. Francis FINK
48. Chris PADAIN

Swiss – WOMEN (45-49):
24. Gabriela GOGEL
36. Sonja RAHM

Swiss – WOMEN (50-54):
14. Katharina BARMETTLER

Swiss – MEN (55-59):
9. Adrian Gasser

FINAL standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

Team Scrambled Legs secured the victory but two other teams rest is very close together! Congrats to Team Bacon-Lauchs and Vallabilla.


Now it’s time thanks everyone who was involved:

Fist I want to thank Ramon who made the open possible  during this challenging period. I also would like to thank Alice, Mandy, Tara, Nicolas, Tom, Sami, Niklas and Fabiola for their help. Ramon and the coaches were up late to lead the heats and resonate with you. Thanks a lot for your all the extra effort you have put in ! Next our photographer, Elena. Thank a lot for capturating all these magical moments.  And a special thanks to Dino for the construction of the rack which made 21.3 possible !

Last but not least, we want to thank everyone who participated in this very special edition of the CrossFit Games Open. All of you have give your best (and ever more!) and prove that the community is alive ! 

Stay strong and once again, we showed that we are #strongertogether !

See you soon online or outdoor !




Recap from the Open 2019

Recap from the Open 2018

CrossFit Games Open 2019 // RECAP

It’s done! Once again.

The CrossFit Open: every year, these five weeks stir up mixed emotions. A cocktail of expectancy, high hopes, impatience and joy mixed with apprehension, respect and maybe a pinch of fear.

The Open 2019 ended with 19.5. A nasty WOD witch included 105 thrusters and 105 chest to bar pull ups!

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
95-lb. thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

Looks simple and „easy“ but it was a real mindf**k. A nice grueling finisher after 5 weeks of pure CrossFit. „Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.“

Some people are happy that it’s over. Sleepless Thursday-nights before the workout-announcement. The fear for Burpees and Thrusters…sore muscles and pain faces all over the place.

But as tough it was, it was also a great time to grow as a person and as a community. We had 106 CFBS/Downtown-Athletes who signed up for the Open 2019! Great work peeps! The team spirit was awesome and it was beautiful to see how you guys are helping each other out by cheering and offering support. That’s what those times are about. Growing stronger – physically and physiologically as a human.

This year the Open showed the direction of how the sport is developing. Weights and skills are getting „heavier“. The first time in history we saw a strict movement at the Open! More people chose the scaled variation. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just an option to make the experience possible for more people. It is also showing us that almost nothing is impossible and that there’s always a way to improve and „get better than yesterday“.

Now some numbers and final performance analysis:

CFBS-CFBS Downtown Top Ten Leaderboard:






Congrats to Markus Wellenreiter who earned the title of the fittest of the Box!

CFBS / Downtown MEN

If we look at the men’s leaderboard we see Markus in the first place, Stephan Metzger second and Coach Marco and David share third place.



CFBS / Downtown WOMEN

On the women’s side, we see Coach Alice in first place. Just one point ahead of Lani Messner. Third place goes to our head coach of CrossFit Basel Downtown Pascale Herrmann.

So much respect for you all! Lifetime goals…just sayin’…

We can find some of these names on the swiss leaderboard again:

Swiss WOMEN (16-17):
3. Laila Miarelli

Swiss – MEN:
70. Markus Wellenreiter
86. Stephan Metzger

Swiss – WOMEN:
24. Alice Minghetti
26. Lani Messner
33. Pascale Herrmann
39. Mandana Zehtabchi

Swiss – MEN (35-39):
9. Markus Wellenreiter
12. Stephan Metzger
26. Ramon Gysin

Swiss – MEN (40-44):
17. Fabian Keller
50. Robert Flury

Swiss – MEN (45-49):
18. Marc Hell
36. Stefan Kündig
39. Nick Charnley
41. G-Jay

Swiss – MEN (55-59):
3. Adrian Gasser
8. David Stöckli

FINAL standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

Team Fight Clap secured the victory but the rest is very close together! Congrats to Team Fight Clap and their captains Linda Bräutigam and Lena Gebhart!


Now it’s time to say thank you to everyone who was involved and helped to make all this possible.

Fist I want to thank the Team Captains. You managed your team, where there if needed, ordered and designed shirts, answered thousands of questions and organized some team events outside of the box! 

Thanks for your effort Lani Messner, Jolanda Holzherr, Tabea Jandt, Linda Bräutigam, Lena Gebhart and Francis Fink. Without you the Open like we know it wouldn’t be possible!

Next are our photographers Lucie Pfändler and G-Jay. They came late at night or at the weekend to the box to capture these magical moments at the box. Maybe they captured someone’s first muscle up, outstanding performance or just some pain faces. Still, we are very grateful that you were there and took these cool pictures.

At the last Saturday, we had CrossFit DACH visiting us. Thanks a lot to Marcus Mcclain for coming over, do a lifestream on crossfitdeutschland Instagram account, bring some shirts and meat for the party later! In this manner, I want to thank Bejtula Jasari as well. He organized some or rather a lot of beverages for the party!

We must not forget the coaches. They did a lot of overtime in these 5 weeks, had to manage the special classes on Friday, answered all the questions about the Open and still had to perform when they did the WOD themselves. Thanks a lot for your extra effort over this exhausting time!

Last but not least we want to thank everyone who participated in this years CrossFit Games Open. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran, master, teen or first-timer, all of you have done your best and earned the title of a survivor of the Open! It was every single time a pleasure to come to the box and see each of you perform, struggle or succeed. The atmosphere over this time is different and breathtaking. So much energy, support, laughter, sweat in one place – that’s just great!

I’m really looking forward to the next CrossFit Games Open which takes place in October already. Now it’s time to recover and get back into training as soon as possible. There is no time to waste. Take the energy from the Open with you into every single CrossFit Class and try to become the best version of you.

Foundation is key!

Coach Marco


Some „deep thoughts“ at the end:

The Open are always my favorite time of the year, when we live and breath CrossFit. The Open’s essence is the community and high intensity. The simple beauty of CrossFit. 

Teaching CrossFit at Trainer Courses we would always joke, that in a globo gym nobody would cheer at you doing bicep curls. And it’s true. During the Open so many new personal bests get achieved because of the support of others. People cross barriers, become better athletes, overcome weaknesses and perform well over their expectations simply because the crowd is cheering them to do so. The Open is a catalyst of the possible. People doing things they thought are not possible for them, mentally as well as physically. Hard work pays off. 

Personally, I love the thrill of the Open workouts, the set-up, the late night nervosity. I love to do the workouts in one of the official heats with other members. Bit of shit talk here and there. But I also want to perform well and I will go well beyond my comfort zone, something I would not do so well being alone with a judge.

I want to thank all participants and the captains, Marco and all the coaches for their help, their support but also for their great effort. It was a fantastic five weeks!

Stay strong and keep going. 

Headcoach Ramon


Open Workout 17.5 / RECAP CrossFit Games Open 2017

Swiss Team CHallenge 2017 @ CrossFit Basel

(English version below)

SUN’S OUT, GUNS OUT! Es ist wieder Zeit für unsere grosse Team CHallenge!

Am Samstag, 24. Juni 2017 findet zum achten Mal der grösste Team Wettkampf im deutschsprachigen Europa statt, die Swiss Team CHallenge (2016: 449 Teams/ 1796 athletes!). Der Anlass wird organisiert von CrossFit Basel und CrossFit Leman.

In allen CrossFit Boxen der ganzen Schweiz werden Teams gebildet, welche in zwei Kategorien (Regulars und Firebreathers) lokal in den jeweiligen Affiliates gegeneinander antreten. Die Resultate werden live online übertragen und ausgewertet. Die Teams bestehen aus vier Leuten, von welchen mindestens eine Frau und ein Mann dabei sein muss.

Die Teams messen sich in mehreren Events, welche vor der CHallenge bekannt gegeben werden. Zudem wird es – wie bereits in den vergangenen Jahren – wieder entsprechende Videos geben, worauf die Standards ersichtlich sind.

Die Workouts sind so kreiert, dass möglichst viele Athletinnen und Athleten egal (EGAL!) welchen Niveaus teilnehmen können. Die Athleten der Kategorie Firebreathers beherrschen 80% der vorgeschriebenen Übungen auf dem Whiteboard – die Regular Athleten absolvieren eine skalierte Version der Workouts. Also nochmal: ALLE können teilnehmen, alles was Ihr braucht ist ein Team und viel Motivation!

Die Swiss Team CHallenge ist der grösste Event in unserer Box und wir hoffen, dass sich dieses Ereignis niemand entgehen lässt! Es ist ein einmaliges Erlebnis, als WettkämpferIn dabei zu sein und mitzufiebern. Wir versprechen einen spektakulären Tag mit viel Schweiss, Urschreien, einer genialen CrossFit Community, Party und gutem Essen. Dabei sein ist ein MUSS!

Wer uns gerne als Helfer oder Judge unterstützen möchte, darf eine Mail an schreiben. Danke im Voraus!

Achtet auf die Plakate, die in der Box aushängen, auf welchen ihr euch und euer Team eintragen müsst.

Wir bieten Platz für 48 Teams – first come, first served.

Ausländische Teams nehmen auch dieses Jahr wieder (zum zweiten) Mal an der offiziellen, schweizweiten Wertung teil (sofern sie in einer Schweizer Box antreten) und können sich per Mail anmelden (siehe unten).

Die WODs und STANDARDS werden vor dem Wettkampf publiziert. Unter anderem findet ihr diese auf der offiziellen Facebookpage:

WICHTIG – TEAM CAPTAIN: Bei allen Teams sind die Captains (erster Athlet / erste Athletin auf dem Plakat) dafür verantwortlich, dass die Teammitglieder die Übungen, den Ablauf und die Standards kennen! Zudem schreibt der Captain eine Mail an mit allen Namen der Athletinnen und Athleten, sowie deren T-Shirt-Grössen und Mailadressen.

JUDGES: Wir suchen noch Judges – meldet euch bitte bei:
Man kann auch judgen UND als Athlet teilnehmen.
Das Judges Meeting findet am Montag den 19.Juni , 20:00 – 22:00 Uhr in der Box Dreispitz statt.

Wenn ihr nicht teilnehmt, kommt zum Zuschauen und Anfeuern! Je mehr Unterstützung unsere Teams haben, desto besser.

KOSTEN: 55.- CHF/EUR pro Person (exklusive Rabatte aber inklusive offiziellem Teilnehmer Shirt).

KLEIDUNG: Die Events finden drinnen statt, keine Aussenkleidung erforderlich

ANMELDUNG: Auf der Liste in der Box einschreiben.

ALLE CAPTAINS: Mail inklusive Teamname, Teilnehmer (Vor-und Nachname), Shirtgrössen und Mailadressen an

ANMELDESCHLUSS: Montag der 29. Mai 2017

Rückblick zu den Anfängen der Swiss Team CHallenge:


CF Leman und CF Basel nehmen Teil: 15 Teams


CF Basel

CF Leman


8 Boxen, 34 Teams.


CF Basel

CF Leman


CF Bern


8 Boxen, 42 Teams.


CF Basel

CF Leman


13 Boxen, 87 Teams und 348 Athleten


27 Boxen, 184 Teams und 736 Athleten


295 Teams und 1280 AthletInnen.



SUN’S OUT, GUNS OUT! It’s time for our big Team CHallenge!

Saturday, June 24th 2017, for the eighth time the biggest CrossFit Team competition (2016: 449 Teams/ 1796 athletes!) in the german speaking part of Europe will take place, the Swiss Team CHallenge. The event is been organised by CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Leman.

Every CrossFit box in Switzerland builds teams, which compete in two categories /Regulars and Firebreathers) in the according affiliates. The results will be broadcasted LIVE online and evaluated. The teams consist of 4 members – every team includes at least one female and at least one male athlete.

The teams compete in several events, which will be published ahead of the event with the respective standard videos.

The workouts are created for everyone – EVERYONE. We want as many athletes as possible to be part of the competition, no matter what level. Firebreather athletes master 80% of the given exercises on the Whiteboard, Regular athletes will absolve the scaled version of the workouts. So, again: EVERYONE can participate, all you need is a team and great motivation!!

The Swiss Team CHallenge is the biggest event in our box and we hope that no one misses out on it! It’s an exceptional experience to be part of it as an athlete. We promise a spectacular day with tons of sweat, primal screams, a fantastic CrossFit Community, party and good food. Be there, it’s a MUST!

If you would like to support us as a helper or Judge, please email us at: Thank you so much in advance!

Please enrol you and your teammates on the STCH-posters at the Box.

We offer space for 48 teams – first come, first served!

For the second time in the history of this event, teams from outside of Switzerland are allowed to take part in the official ranking of the competition as long as they compete in a Swiss box. They can enrol via mail (see below).

The WODs and STANDARDS will be published ahead of the competition. Amongst others you can find them also on the official Facebookpage:

IMPORTANT – TEAM CAPTAIN: Every team has a Captain (first athlete on the poster), who is responsible for al the team members to know the exercises, the program of the event and the standards! PLUS, he/she must email at all the names, email addresses and shirt sizes of the athletes.

JUDGES: We are looking for Judges – please email us at: You can be a competitor AND a judge. The Judges Meeting takes place on Monday, June 19 from 8pm to 10pm at the Dreispitz Box.

You may also come to watch and cheer! The more support and motivation our teams can get, the better.

COSTS: 55.- CHF/EUR per person (exclusive discounts but including the official athlete shirt).

CLOTHING: All events are held inside, no outdoor clothing needed.

REGISTRATION: List your names on the posters at the box.

ALL CAPTAINS: EMail which includes the name of the team, all participants (first – and last name), shirt sizes and email addresses at


We’re looking forward to an unforgettable competition – now scroll up and check the recap of our Swiss Team CHallenges from the last years!

Review of past events:


CF Leman and CF Basel participating: 15 Teams


CF Basel

CF Leman


8 Boxes, 34 Teams.


CF Basel

CF Leman


CF Bern


8 Boxes, 42 Teams.


CF Basel

CF Leman


13 Boxes, 87 Teams and 348 Athletes


27 Boxes, 184 Teams and 736 Athletes


295 Teams and 1280 Athletes.

Alessia goes to Regionals!



Hi Alessia! 

Du hast dich dieses Jahr das erste Mal für die CrossFit Meridian Regionals (Anmerkung d.R.: die Europameisterschaft im CrossFit) qualifiziert und hast von den Top 30 den 23.Platz belegt. Es muss ein tolles Gefühl gewesen sein, als du die offizielle Einladung von CrossFit HQ erhalten hast. Wie geht es dir nun? Und wie war deine Taktik im Vorfeld?

Vor den Opens habe ich mit meinem Coach Tom grob meine Ziele gesetzt und wir waren beide der Meinung, dass ich dieses Jahr erstmal ohne Erwartungsdruck schauen soll wo ich mich platziere.  So dass ich nächstes Jahr im 2018 konkret versuche, mich für die CrossFit Meridian Regionals zu qualifizieren, da dann auch die Doppelbelastung des Studiums wegfallen würde und ich noch mehr den Fokus auf CrossFit legen kann. Die Taktik war klar, so erholt und fokussiert wie möglich an die Open Wods, einen ersten Versuch (Freitag) um das Tempo und die Wechsel resp. Wechselzeiten zu bestimmen um im zweiten Versuch (Montag) das Optimum heraus zu holen. Als ich dann nach dem vierten WOD immer noch in den Top 30 war habe auch ich realisiert: „es könnte schon dieses Jahr reichen!“ und der Druck stieg, aber ich konnte dranbleiben.

Wie gesagt, ich habe nicht damit gerechnet und bin deshalb unglaublich glücklich und auch stolz, dass ich mein Ziel bereits ein Jahr früher erreichen konnte. Ein riesiges Dankeschön an dieser Stelle an Tom, welcher mich die letzten Jahre unterstützt hat, mich immer wieder ermutigt hat weiter zu machen und immer, wirklich immer an mich geglaubt hat!


Das erste Open Workout (17.1) mit DB Snatches und Burpee Boxjumps hat uns allen einiges abgefordert. Du hast es mit einer starken Zeit von 11:41 Minuten beendet. Kannst du dich an dein bisher schlimmstes MetCon Wod erinnern?

Das schlimmste „Workout“ in meiner bisherigen CrossFit Zeit war für mich der Sandbag Run an der letztjährigen Are You Tough Enough. Der erste Tag an der Competition lief nicht ganz wie geplant aber ich wusste, dass ich in diesem Run gut sein kann und wieder ein paar Punkte holen kann, ich musste es halt einfach nur machen. Aus diesem Grund rannte ich wie verrückt diesen Berg hoch mit dem schweren Sandsack im Rucksack… Als ich im Ziel ankam habe ich mich schon lange nicht mehr so scheisse gefühlt. Als ich dann noch das Gulasch aß war es vorbei…;)

Deine „Skills“ als Athletin sind sehr ausgeglichen und du bist eine starke „Allrounderin“ in den Bereichen Ausdauer, Gymnastics und Weightlifting. Was ist dein Trainings-Hintergrund und wie verlief deine sportliche Entwicklung?

Vor dem CrossFit habe ich fast 12 Jahre intensiv Taekwondo (Kampfsport) gemacht. Dort habe ich viele Wettkämpfe bestritten und habe auch die Prüfung zum zweiten Dan (Schwarzgurt) absolviert. Nach einer schweren Verletzung welche ich mir an einem Kadertraining zugezogen habe musste ich länger pausieren. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war das extrem schlimm für mich und ich hatte grosse Motivationsprobleme. Durch meine grosse Schwester Jael und meinen Zwillingsbruder Benaja, welche bereits im CrossFit Basel trainierten, habe ich dann den Weg zum CrossFit gefunden.

Im ersten Intro Training bei Tom konnte ich mich dann für das CrossFit faszinieren. Ich habe kurzerhand ein Bronze Abo (2 Trainings in der Woche) abgeschlossen und bin dann für 6 Monate zusätzlich zum Taekwondo Training, welches auch täglich war, ins CrossFit gegangen. In dieser Zeit habe ich in der Kategorie -57kg gekämpft und war deshalb im CrossFit bei den Kraftübungen eher schwach, im konditionellen Bereich dafür sehr stark. Ich lernte die Bewegungen sehr schnell und wurde von Training zu Training besser und stärker.

Es faszinierte mich dazumal wie auch heute noch, was mein Körper alles leisten kann und zu was er fähig ist. Zusätzlich war ich begeistert von der Vielfalt des CrossFit. Nach dem ich mich weiter fürs CrossFit begeistern konnte hat Tom mir angeboten, mit ihm das Gewichtheben zu trainieren. So fing ich an zusätzlich ab und zu mal mit ihm mit zu trainieren bis es zu einer Regelmässigkeit wurde und ich schneller in den Workouts wurde als er ;). Er hat mich dann immer weiter gepusht, mir so ziemlich alles beigebracht, wurde mein persönlicher Coach und ich kann bis heute noch extrem viel von seinem Wissen und seinem exzellentem „Coaching Auge“ profitieren. Und so kam es, dass ich immer weniger ins Taekwondo Training ging und mich dafür immer mehr im CrossFit austobte. Irgendwann habe ich mich für CrossFit entschieden und sehr viel Zeit, Fleiss und Disziplin in das Training investiert.

Die Liebe zur Sportart Taekwondo habe ich aber bis heute nicht verloren und ich kämpfe nach wie vor noch ab und zu mit meinem Bruder, auch während unseres CrossFit Trainings.


Derzeit bist du Student der Sportwissenschaften und arbeitest als CrossFit Coach bei CrossFit Basel. Kannst du uns einen kleinen Einblick in deinen Alltag geben? Wie sieht deine Routine aus?

Mein Alltag sieht ziemlich simpel aus 😉 Training, studieren, coachen, essen, schlafen … wiederholen. Zurzeit trainiere ich nach TheTrainingPlan mit individuellen Anpassungen von Headcoach Ramon. Bei diesem Trainingsplan habe ich pro Tag 2 Trainingseinheiten. In einer Woche habe ich dann jeweils einen kompletten Restday/ Ruhetag und einen active Restday. Meine zwei Sessions pro Tag plane ich jeweils ums Studium und das Coachen ein. Manchmal sind dann halt auch Sessions um 5.45 Uhr in der Früh geplant… 😉


Und wie sieht es mit Ernährung und Erholung aus? Hast du da ein spezielles Konzept oder individuelle Pläne?

Für mich ist das Essen sowie die Erholung ein wichtiger Bestandteil. Zurzeit halte ich mich an RP – Renaissance Periodization – Plan um genügend zu essen und vor allem etwas auf das Timing zu achten. Da ich aber in der CrossFit Szene immer noch eher zu den Sprenzchen gehöre, muss ich wirklich einfach nur darauf achten, dass ich genug esse wenn ich so viel trainiere und zusätzlich noch Sport im Studium treibe.

Auch die Erholung ist für mich extrem wichtig und ich schaue deshalb, dass ich täglich mein RomWOD mache, viel rolle (Blackroll), Compex anwende, meine Stretches mache und mich gut erhole/schlafe. Auch Atemübungen gehören neu dazu.

Kannst du uns abschließend noch etwas über deine Zukunftspläne oder Träume erzählen? 

Zurzeit lebe ich meinen Traum. Ich habe wundervolle Menschen um mich herum, lebe meine Leidenschaft aus, mache das, was mich erfüllt und habe zusätzlich einen genialen Job im CrossFit Basel was alles vereint. Weitere Ziele im Sport verfolgen möchte ich auf jeden Fall. Ich bin gespannt, was die Zukunft noch bringen wird.

Vielen lieben Dank Alessia für deine Zeit und die kleinen Einblicke in dein Leben. Das CFBS-Team steht hinter dir und wünscht dir nur das Beste! Bleib gesund und stark!

Hi Alessia!

This year, for the first time, you qualified for the Regionals and placed 23th overall. How was your feeling after getting the confirmation mail from CF HQ. 

Before the Opens started, I set my goals together with Tom and we agreed, that I will approach this year’s Opens without any pressure and as relaxed as possible – and after that will start preparing strategically for the Regionals 2018. This also, because I will be finished with my studies this year and would be free from the dual burden of competing and studying by next year. The plan was set, I wanted to absolve the Opens as rested and as focused as possible. First attempt on Friday, second attempt on Monday. This way, I could analyse the pacing and the transitions first, and then go all out with a smart strategy on Monday. After 17.4 I was still placed top 30 and I realised that there is in fact a chance to qualify already this year! Of course I started to feel the pressure but I managed to handle it and stay consistent with my performance.

I didn’t expect at all to make it this year – even more do I feel happy and proud for what I achieved a year before my actual goal deadline. A big fat thank you at this point to Tom who supported me throughout all my career so far, always encouraged me and never – never- stopped believing in me.

First workout with DB Snatches and Burpee Boxjumps was pretty challenging, but you finished strong (11:41). What’s the most brutal MetCon you’ve done so far?

The worst workout for me so far in my CrossFit carreer was definitely the sandbag run at last year’s Are You Tough Enough. The first day of the comp didn’t go as planned and I knew that the run would be my chance to make up for that. With that thought in mind I ran up the hill with the sandbag in my backpack as if there was no tomorrow. Once I reached the finish line, I felt worse than I have felt in a long time. Eating the gulasch afterwards didn’t make things any better and I needed a rest! 😀

You’re overall a highly skilled athlete. What’s your training background?

Before I started CrossFit I had been doing Taekwondo for 12 years on a high maintenance level. I competed in many fights and absolved the second Dan (black belt). After a serious injury which incurred at a kader training, I had to take a long break. That was extremely difficult for me to cope with and I lost all my motivation. My older sister Jael and my twin brother Benaja who already have been doing CrossFit, encouraged me to give it a try.

With the first Intro training I was hooked and started to train twice a week at the box. The next 6 moths I trained daily Taekwondo, plus did twice a week CrossFit. At this point I competed in the weight category -57kg which didn’t allow me to lift heavy weights yet, though I performed very strong in conditioning. I kept up with the consistency and made big progress with skills, strength and the metcons.

Up until today I am fascinated by what my body is capable of. Additionally, I love the variety which CrossFit offers.

Tom then offered me to coach me in Olympic Weightlifting. We started to train together, he became my personal coach and one day I was faster in the metcons than him J

He taught me all I needed to learn, pushed me on my bad days and still today, I can still learn so much from his ‘Coaching Eye’.

Eventually, I skipped Taekwondo trainings in in favour of CrossFit, where I invested a lot of time, discipline and effort. Ultimately, I made the decision to stay with CrossFit for good.My love for Taekwondo hasn’t lessened though and I still fight once in a while with my twin brother 🙂

You’re a student of sports science and work as a CrossFit Coach. How does your daily life and weekly training schedule look like? 

My daily life is pretty simpleJ Training, studying, coaching, eating, sleeping, repeat. J Currently I follow TheTrainingPlan with individual adaptions by headcoach Ramon Gysin. With this program I do two units a day. I include one full restday a week and one active restday. I plan my sessions around my job as a coach and the university. This means, that sometimes the first session starts at 5:45am.

What about nutrition and recovery? Do you stick to any „special diet“ or plan?

Nutrition and recovery are central and very important factors of my training. At the moment I follow RP – Renaissance Periodization – this nutrition program ensures that I eat enough and that my timing is right. Compared to some of the other CrossFit athletes I am a skinny bitch and really just have to make sure that I eat enough to support my body in my intense training and the additional activities I do in my studies.

As for the recovery, I stick to a daily RomWOD routine, use the blackroll and Compex regularly, do my stretches and breathing exercises. Of course I go to bed at a reasonable time to get my eight hours of sleep in – sleep is crucial to tackle the next successful training day.

Would you tell us something about your dreams, goals and plans for the future? 

At the moment, I live my dream. I am surrounded by amazing people, I live my passion, do what I love and work as a coach at CrossFit Basel which makes me happy. I definitely want to set new goals in my career as an athlete – I am very curious on what the future brings!

Thank you Alessia for taking your time to speak to us! The CFBS-Team stands behind you! Good luck, stay strong and safe!


Open Workout 17.5 / RECAP CrossFit Games Open 2017

It’s done! Once again.

The Crossfit Opens: every year, these five weeks stir up mixed emotions. A cocktail of expectancy, high hopes, impatience and joy mixed with apprehension, respect and maybe a pinch of fear.

The Open 2017 ended with 17.5. A nasty 40 minutes-timecap workout.

10 rounds for time of:

9 thrusters

35 double-unders

men 95lb. women 65lb.

Looks simple and „easy“ but it was a real mindf**k. A nice grueling finisher after 5 weeks of pure CrossFit. „Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.“

Some people are happy that it’s over. Sleepless thursday-nights before the workout-announcement. The fear for Burpees and Thrusters…sore muscles and painfaces all over the place.

But as tough it was, it was also a great time to grow as a person and as a community. We had 117 CFBS-Athletes who signed up for the Open 2017 and were able to beat last year´s numbers! Great work peeps! The team spirit was awesome and it was beautiful to see how you guys are helping each other out by cheering and offering support. That’s what those times are about. Growing stronger – physically and physiologically as a human.

This year the Open showed the direction how the sport is developing. Weights and skills are getting „heavier“. More people chose the scaled variation. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just an option to make the experience possible for more people. It is also showing us that almost nothing is impossible and that there’s always a way to improve and „get better than yesterday“.

Now some numbers and final performance analysis:

This is copied straight from the CrossFit Games Open Rule book:

„The team Leaderboard is unofficial and subject to change until all Individual athletes have completed the video review process and either accepted or rejected their invitation to compete at regionals.“

The following leaderboard is just provisionally.

Rankings so far in Region Europe:

Consistent performance. But to less „men“-power to reach a regional-spot. We keep on working!

But another proof that we are doing a great job to bring up new athletes shows us our CFBS-Top Ten Leaderboard:

and the CF Downtown-Top Ten:

Joel is overall No.1 at CrossFit Basel. Tom second and Sascha third. Our girls continued their hard work and top performance from last year: Alessia is first, Nora second and Katrin on third place.

Alessia (1.) and Nora (8..) belong to the top 10 in Switzerland.

Katrin Luethy (3.), Sascha Albini (1.), Marc Hell (5.), Nicole Reichmuth (1.), Gabi Schmidlin (4.) and Dora Seebacher (1.) belong to the swiss top 5 in their masters division.

So much respect for you all! Lifetime goals…just sayin’…

Masters top 3 ranking in Europe: Nicole 7, Katrin 27, Sascha 43

Men top 3 ranking in Europe: Joel 905, Tom 1125, Ramon 3021

Women top 3 ranking in Europe: Alessia 23, Nora 252, Katrin 300

That means -we just can’t hold it. We’re still waiting for the confirmation…but:

Alessia qualified for the Meridian Regionals! All your hard and dedicated work pays off girl! You rock!

FINAL standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

Damn. It was really close and tough battle but in the end Team Outlaw made it!

The Team-Spirit and support was outstanding and we have to thank you for the show, the entertainment and the box-decoration… Sloth Love for life! <3

Team Bomb Squad convinced with high quality merchandise- and event-organization. A lot of respect to „D.B. the captain“ and her team! Unfortunately in the end they missed some points due to injuries and sickness but it was an awesome effort guys! Your cohesion and spirit was remarkable!

The Bully Buddies can celebrate a fantastic 3rd place. For Tiziano it was his first time acting as a captain and he did a great job leading and taking care about his team. He also set a good example regarding suffering through the workouts….

Cheers to Team Wod-Nit. Strong 4th place! They already celebrated the top ranking of Capt’n Nicole with a sightseeing tour at the Feldschlößchen-Brauerei. …not sure if there‘ a relation between the hop beverage and the pictures of Flo. (Just kidding! 😉 )

Team Hoff rules under the slogan „understatement for the win“ and just enjoyed life and had a good time at the competition floor and above the roofs of Basel….

Keep up the great work folks!


We finished the five weeks and the sunny day with a nice „Hello spring“- BBQ and looking forward to the next events with you all! Thank you guys!


Thanks to Gee-Jay, Mike, Alice, Michaela, Lorenz (Team Outlaw), Döne, Team Tizi, Nico and everyone who made pictures, helped with the organization and to „make it great again“!

Take a look for more and stay tuned for more news and infos towards CFBS @ MERIDIAN REGIONALS!


Some „deep thoughts“ at the end:

The Opens to us is a way of showing what you are made of: during as well as after your workout. It is pushing yourself further than you would have thought, it is forcing your body to the limit and then crossing it, it is collapsing in a pool of sweat, pain and relief after the last rep or when the clock finally buzzes. It is entering the pain-zone and coming out whole. It is hating every minute but pulling through anyway, it is being so focused the only thing you are able to hear is the voice of your judge, urging you to keep going. The Opens is members spending time to judge people they only just met and building new friendships. It’s becoming part of the Community by not solely consuming but participating, by becoming involved and thus creating a living and breathing atmosphere anyone felt included in when stepping into the box. The Opens is coaches and staff volunteering their free weekends to judge and coach and plan and organize the heats. It’s athletes staying until 10pm on a Monday night just to support the last person doing the workout. It is members choosing to do the workouts RX’d even if it meant less reps or more work and greater effort and a whole lot of frustration. The Opens is when an athlete shakes their head to the judge saying “that was not a rep, it doesn’t count”. The Opens is people sprinting to their sportsbag to grab a bottle, or tape, or their rope for someone they never spoke to beforehand but saw them struggle during the workout.

If there is any message we wish you to learn from the past weeks it is the following: hard work pays off. Every year you can test yourself, but there is no reason to wait for one entire year to push yourself again. Keep working hard, stay focused, help your friends and anyone else you meet, be your own judge when working out, don’t give up on improving your weaknesses and continue being part of our community. Remain curious, keep your eyes on your goals and most of all enjoy every minute of it.

Thank you to every single participant and our staff who worked live a beehive in high season.

Stay strong and keep shining.

CrossFit Games Open Wod 17.4


Aaand there it is! The Repeater. 17.4 is 16.4 !

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes:
55 deadlifts
55 wall-ball shots
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups (rx’d; scaled: hand-release push-ups)

  • Men deadlift 225 lb. / 102 kg and throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target                                          
  • Women deadlift 155 lb. / 70 kg and throw 14-lb. ball to 9-ft. target                                                        
  • Men deadlift 135 lb. / 61 kg, throw 20-lb. ball to 9-ft. target and perform hand-release push-ups  
  • Women deadlift 95 lb. / 43 kg, throw 10-lb. ball to 9-ft. target and perform hand-release push-ups

Some said „just boring and stupid“. Some were afraid remembering the pain from last year. And for some it was PR-time doing their first Handstand push-ups! In any case it left all of us dizzy.

The all-over-CFBS-Top-Ten for and after 17.4:

The all-over-CFDowntown-Top-Ten for and after 17.4:

Top Three Women after 17.4:

  1. Alessia Joy Wälchli, 263 reps, now 1st in Switzerland and 21st in Europe!
  2. Nora Jäggi, 232 reps, 7th in Switzerland
  3. Katrin Luethy, 204 reps, 3rd in Masters Division 35-39 in Switzerland

Top Three Men after 17.3:

  1. Joel Wächter, 217 reps, 28th in Switzerland
  2. Tom Schwander, 212 reps, 34th in Switzerland
  3. Sascha Albini, 208 reps, 1st in Masters Division 40-44 in Switzerland

Our Masters are still on top:

  • Katrin Luethy 3rd – Div. 35-39 years
  • Döne Bonina 8th / Sascha Albini 1st – Div. 40-44 years
  • Marc Hell 4th – Div. 45-49 years
  • Nicole Reichmuth 1st / Gabi Schmidlin 5th / David Stöckli 9th – Div. 50-54 years
  • Esteban Pombo 6th – Div. 55-59 years
  • Dora Seebacher 1st – Div. 60+

The Team Ranking after that killer:

The internal Team-Ranking-battle is getting serious:

We had great times! Like celebrating St.Patricks Day:

We cried and laughed together…

…suffered and relaxed…

…because rest is important…


Four down. One more to go…

See you all on Saturday!

2:30pm – the final at CF Basel- BBQ and Drinks!

Stay strong and don’t forget: sometimes it’s good to see things backwards, inside out, and upside down.

Thanks to Mike Wolff and Manu for the pics!

CrossFit Games Open Workout 17.3


„Finally heavy weights!“ some rejoiced when seeing the 17.3 announcement. „Shit. Snatches.“ other got worried. 

17.3 was a nice combination of a gymnastic movement with weightlifting. Cool mixture. But nonetheless quite advanced.

  • Prior to 8:00, complete: 3 rounds of: 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups 6 squat snatches (95 / 65 lb.)
  • Then, 3 rounds of: 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups 5 squat snatches (135 / 95 lb.)
  • Prior to 12:00, complete 3 rounds of: 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups 4 squat snatches (185 / 135 lb.)
  • Prior to 16:00, complete 3 rounds of: 9 chest-to-bar pull-ups 3 squat snatches (225 / 155 lb.)
  • Prior to 20:00, complete 3 rounds of: 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups 2 squat snatches (245 / 175 lb.)
  • Prior to 24:00, complete 3 rounds of: 11 chest-to-bar pull-ups 1 squat snatch (265 / 185 lb.)
  • *If all reps are completed, time cap extends by 4 minutes.

Rx’d: (Ages 16-54) Men use 95-135-185-225-245-265 lb. Women use 65-95-135-155-175-185 lb.

Scaled: (Ages 16-54) Jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups Squat snatches or power snatches with overhead squats permitted Men use 45-75-95-115-135-155 lb. Women use 35-55-65-75-95-105 lb.

A lot of our members made the wise decision by choosing the scaled division either because of the weights  („technique first“) or because of the chest to bar pull ups.  Nothing wrong with that! We all still have to learn and improve in many areas. Learning should never stop.

And the „Yeah- let’s get heavy!“-peeps celebrated the lifting love. Some 100- and 70-ish snatches were thrown around. Solid and strong work guys!


The all-over-CFBS-Top-Ten for 17.3:

The all-over-CFDowntown-Top-Ten for 17.3:

Top Three Women after 17.3:

  1. Alessia Joy Wälchli, 141 reps, now 2nd in Switzerland and 28th in Europe!
  2. Nora Jäggi, 135 reps, 7th in Switzerland
  3. Katrin Luethy, 105 reps, 3rd in Masters Division 35-39

Top Three Men after 17.3:

  1. Joel Wächter, 128 reps, 37th in Switzerland
  2. Tom Schwander, 139 reps, 41th in Switzerland
  3. Ramon Gysin, 167 reps, 81th in Switzerland

And our Masters keep rocking the leaderboard:

  • Katrin Luethy 3rd – Div. 35-39 years
  • Döne Bonina 1st / Sascha Albini 1st – Div. 40-44 years
  • Marc Hell 5th – Div. 45-49 years
  • Nicole Reichmuth 1st / Gabi Schmidlin 4th / David Stöckli 9th – Div. 50-54 years
  • Esteban Pombo 6th – Div. 55-59 years
  • Dora Seebacher 1st – Div. 60+

The Team Ranking after that awesome workout:

Whoop Whoop! Aaall the way up!

The battle between the internal Team-Ranking is getting exciting:

The Bomb Squad has the most performance points. But the „Outlaw“- Team Spirit remains amazing!

Let’s see what’s up next! We’re still waiting for the „Repeater“…

Stay healthy and strong people!


Thanks Gee-Jay for the pics and vids! Find more here!


Reebok CrossFit Games Open 17.2

Dave. Really? Are you serious?

After 17.1 everyone was glad to have survived the #dumbbellgate. We were curious about 17.2- what will appear? Pull ups, Handstand Push ups, Burpeeees….NO! Dumbbells again! Two of them! Combined with walking lunges (like last year 16.1) ! A  logistical nightmare. Thank you, you evil „Hunchback“ .

Open Workout 17.2:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 toes-to-bars
8 power cleans
Then, 2 rounds of:
50-ft. weighted walking lunge
16 bar muscle-ups
8 power cleans
Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

Men use 50-lb. dumbbells, women use 35-lb. dumbbells

But we made it. Sure we did! Great performances from our CFBS-warriors and Downtown-Outlaws, sore legs and butts and bloody hands and many RX’d attempts, chasing the first Muscle Up!


It was fun! What comes next? We’re equipped for everything!

Current standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

Spirit points goes to Team Bomb Squad and the Bully Buddies. Nice Team-work guys!

We had an awesome Sunday-Brunch…

Great poses, fun and fantastic cake…

…and there was a special guest:

Keep up the great work!


Top Ten at CrossFit Basel/Downtown:

Top Ten of CrossFit Basel Downtown:


Top Three Women:

  1. Alessia Wälchli
  2. Nora Jäggi
  3. Katrin Luethy

Top Three Men:

  1. Joel Wächter
  2. Tom Schwandner
  3. Sascha Albini

Alessia has still the chance to qualify for the Meridian Regionals! We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

On the leaderboard „Fittest women in Switzerland“  she sits on place 2. Nora owns the 10th!

Our masters keep on crushing it! We still have 8 Top Ten in the age division 35 – 60+ !

Nicole Reichmuth is even Top Ten in Europe!:

All that solid work effects that at the moment Team CFBasel is on Place 61 in Europe.

Y’all crushed it!

Thanks to Mike Wolff and Gee-Jay for the pictures! Find more here


CrossFit Levels @ CrossFit Basel

(English Version below)

Du bist nicht trainiert, aber möchtest nun fit werden?

Du willst die ganze Palette von CrossFit trainieren und ein guter/eine gute CrossFitterIn werden?

Du hast viele Jahre Sport gemacht, aber nun eine lange Pause gemacht?

Du hast schon auf Leistungssportniveau trainiert oder tust es immer noch?

Du machst andere Sportarten regelmässig und möchtest mit CrossFit Dein Training ergänzen?

CrossFit ist für alle.

CrossFit Basel legt hohen Wert darauf, dass jedermann/frau bei uns trainieren und fit werden kann – egal welches Fitness Level.

Genau deshalb offerieren wir verschiedene CrossFit Levels, so, dass alle entsprechend ihrem Trainingsniveau gefordert werden.


Intro Klasse:

Die Intro Klasse ist der Eingang zu CrossFit, es ist kostenlos und wird mit jedem angehenden Teilnehmer, jeder angehenden Teilnehmerin durchgeführt. Im Intro erklärt Euch der Coach was CrossFit genau ist, was das Training beinhaltet und wie das Training, die Methodik und das System bei uns im CrossFit Basel funktioniert und aufgebaut ist. Ihr werdet ein kleines Training absolvieren und den ersten Einblick in die CrossFit Welt erhalten.

CrossFit Beginners:

CrossFit Beginners ist ideal für den Einstieg nach dem Intro. Das Programm ist sehr ähnlich wie in den All Levels Klassen, die Übungen werden aber den Fähigkeiten der TeilnehmerInnen angepasst. Die Klasse ist ausserdem kleiner, d.h. mit weniger TeilnehmerInnen besetzt, so dass der/die Coach sich genug Zeit für jede/n AthletIn nehmen kann.

CrossFit All Levels: 

Unser Stundenplan enthält eine Klasse am häufigsten: Die All Levels Klasse. Die Klasse ist aufgeteilt in ein Aufwärmen, Kraftteil und zum Schluss das Workout of the Day (WOD) – so bietet diese Klasse in einer Stunde ein kompaktes, allumfassendes und intensives Training an. Das Programm der All Levels schreibt einen Kraftteil über drei Tage mit einer Stoss-, einer Zieh – und einer Unterkörperübung vor. Am vierten Tag wird ein Skill geübt, gefolgt von einem längeren Workout. Das Programming folgt Inhaber und Headcoach Ramon Gysin’s Methode, welche sich – gemessen an CrossFit Basel’s Erfolgen – über die Jahre sehr bewährt hat.

Die Mehrheit unserer AthletInnen können diese Klasse besuchen. Sie schreibt keine spezifischen Skills oder hohe Gewichte vor – hier könnt Ihr alles lernen, Kraft aufbauen und besser werden. Alle 2,5 – 3 Monate wird eine sogenannte ‚Benchmark Week‘ eingebaut, wo drei verschiedene Workouts und drei bis vier verschiedene Kraftübungen getestet werden. So können Fortschritte gemessen werden und neue Ziele gesetzt werden.

CrossFit Advanced: 

CrossFit Advanced ist das erste fortgeschrittene Level. Die Klasse dauert 90 Minuten und ist von der Intensität einiges straffer. Die Advanced Klasse setzt voraus, dass mindestens 100 Klassen absolviert wurden, und dass 90% der Skills beherrscht werden. Oftmals wird ein Teil olympisches Gewichtheben eingebaut, was voraussetzt, dass man sich mit den beiden Übungen Snatch und Clean&Jerk wohl fühlt.

CrossFit Competition Class: 

Hier trainieren unsere Wettkampfathleten. Ein Grossteil davon trainiert auf einem Leistungssportniveau und entsprechend ist die Intensität dieses 2-stündigen CrossFit Trainings. In dieser Klasse kann teilnehmen, wer alle Skills beherrscht, das olympische Gewichtheben regelmässig trainiert und 120Minuten intensives Training absolvieren kann.

Das Ziel dieser Gruppe ist es, Wettkampfteams aufzubauen und Einzelathleten zu bilden, welche an CrossFit Wettkämpfen – vor allem Reebok CrossFit Open und Regional Games – Powerlifting – und Olympic Lifting Wettkämpfen teilnehmen können.


Los geht’s. Egal wo Du  momentan auf Deiner Sportreise stehst, mit CrossFit kannst Du immer anfangen.


You feel unfit but want to become fit again?

You want to train all the disciplines of CrossFit and want to become a good athlete?

You’ve been doing sports for a good amount of years but took a long break?

You have trained on a professional sports level or are still doing it?

You practise a different sport but would like to add CrossFit to your current routine?

CrossFit is for everyone.

CrossFit Basel emphasizes that everyone can train at our gym – no matter what fitness level you are currently at.

That’s why we offer different levels in order for everyone to be able to participate and being challenged at their particular state of fitness.


Intro Class:

The Intro Class is the entrance to CrossFit, it’s free and offered to all interested in CrossFit and a membership at CrossFit Basel. We suggest that every new member absolves the Intro. In this class the coach will guide you through the background of CrossFit, the training and the method and how it all works here at our box. You will also absolve your first little training and catch the first glance into the amazing world of CrossFit.

CrossFit Beginners:

CrossFit Beginners is the ideal next step after the Intro. The programming is similar to the All Levels classes, the exercises are scaled where needed. Additionally, the class is smaller, means less participants which creates a slower and quieter pace.

CrossFit All Levels: 

There is one class which you find the most in our schedule: The All Levels class. The class is divided in a Warm-Up, a Strength Part and at the end of every class the Workout of the Day (WOD) – like this, the class offers a compact, intense and efficient training. The programming of the All Levels class includes a strength part spread over three days with typically a Push-, a Pull – and a Lower Body exercise. The fourth day is Skill day where one particular skill is practiced, followed by a long workout. The programming follows the method of owner and headcoach Ramon Gysin, which obviously pays off, measured by the athletic successes of CrossFit Basel.

The majority of our athletes are able to absolve this class. There is no need to dominate specific skills or heavy weights – everything will be learned and improved. This class is to build up your strength, improve your skills and optimize your body awareness. Every 2,5 – 3 months your progress is tested in the ‚Benchmark Week‘. Different workouts and 3-4 strength exercises are tested during this week. This way you get an idea of your results and you can set new goals from there.

CrossFit Advanced: 

CrossFit Advanced is the first advanced level. The class lasts 90 minutes and the intensity is clearly higher. The Advanced class requires a target of 100 classes, plus you need to master 90% of the skills. Part of the class is Olympic Weightlifting, which implies that you need to feel comfortable with the Snatch and Clean&Jerk.

CrossFit Competition Class: 

CrossFit Competition Levels is for the cracks. The majority of these athletes train on a competitive level – which in lieu thereof is the intensity of this 2-hours CrossFit training. You can participate in this class when you master all the skills, practice olympic lifting regularly and be able to go all out in a 120minutes intense training.

The goal of this group is to build competition teams and individual athletes which participate in CrossFit competitions – first and foremost Reebok CrossFit Open and Regional Games – Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting competitions.


Wherever you are on your fitness journey momentarily – start now! We hope to see you soon on the training floor!

Get your Sweat on! The schedule of CrossFit Basel

(English Version below)

CrossFit Basel wurde im Jahr 2009 gegründet. Seither wurde das Klassenangebot stetig ausgebaut.

Angefangen mit ungefähr 10 CrossFit Klassen pro Woche stehen wir heute mit über 100 Klassen pro Woche in beiden Boxen auf dem Plan, welche Euch helfen, in allen Domänen von CrossFit Fortschritte zu machen.

Es gibt kaum eine Tageszeit die trainingsfrei ist – die letzte Klasse endet um 21:30. Wir versuchen alle Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden abzudecken, weshalb wir die riesige Auswahl in unserem Stundenplan offerieren.

Ausserdem streben wir nach dem Erfolg. Es trainiert ein grosses CrossFit Wettkampf Team in unserer Box, und der Gewichtheberclub beider Basel (GHCBB) ist Teil von CrossFit Basel, und in diesem Jahr der erfolgreichste Gewichtheberverein der Schweiz. Der Grossteil des Gewichtheber Nationalteams sind Athleten von CrossFit Basel. Auch im Kraftdreikampf hat CrossFit Basel die Nase vorn mit mehreren Weltrekorden. Diese Resultate zeugen von hochqualitativem Coaching und einer Trainingsroutine auf hohem Level.

Gutes Coaching bringt fitte und zufriedene AthletInnen hervor, und darauf legen wir ganz besonderen Wert.


CrossFit Levels: 

Intro: Erste Einführung in das CrossFit Training. Die Philosophie, die Box, unser System – Intro ist die erste Klasse für absolute Neulinge.

Beginners: Das Programm ist sehr ähnlich wie das der All Levels Klassen, jedoch sind die Übungen vereinfacht und die Gruppe kleiner. So können Beginner alle Übungen von Grund auf und in Ruhe erlernen.

All Levels: All Levels ist der Klassiker. Aufgeteilt in ein Aufwärmen, Kraftteil und zum Schluss das Workout of the Day (WOD), bietet diese Klasse in einer Stunde ein kompaktes, allumfassendes und intensives Training an. Das Programm der All Levels schreibt einen Kraftteil über drei Tage mit einer Stoss-, einer Zieh – und einer Unterkörperübung vor. Am vierten Tag wird ein Skill geübt, gefolgt von einem längeren Workout.

Advanced: 90 Minuten Training auf einem fortgeschrittenen CrossFit Level, inklusive einem intensiven Warm-Up, verschiedenen Workouts, olympisches Gewichtheben und Kraftteil. Offen für Athleten, welche 90% der Skills beherrschen und mindestens 100 Klassen absolviert haben.

Competition: Das Training für die Cracks. Offen für Wettkampf AthletInnen, oder zukünftige. Die Teilnehmer müssen alle Skills beherrschen und fähig sein, 2 Stunden auf einem hohen Intensitätslevel zu trainieren. 


Spezifische Trainings: 

WOD: Fokus auf Ausdauer und Durchhaltevermögen. Mehrere kurze oder ein langes Workout stehen auf dem Programm diese Klasse – Kraftausdauer, Cardio und Effektivität stehen im Mittelpunkt.

Olympic Weightlifting: Olympisches Gewichtheben ist ein grosser Teil von CrossFit und Ihr werdet immer wieder einen Snatch oder einen Clean & Jerk in einem Workout antreffen. Nebstdem führt CrossFit Basel den Gewichtheberverein beider Basel (GHCBB) und nimmt regelmässig an Wettkämpfen teil. Mit Erfolg – GHCBB ist zur Zeit der erfolgreichste Gewichtheberclub der Schweiz. Wir arbeiten in Zirkeln von entweder Snatch oder Clean&Jerk mit dem Hauptfokus auf die Technik.

Gymnastics: Gymnastik Übungen nur mit Körpergewicht. Es werden Kraftübungen an den Ringen und der Stange durchgeführt, ausserdem werden Gymnastik Skills von Anfang an aufbauend erlernt.

Powerlifting: Cardio freie Zone. Kraftaufbau in den drei Übungen, Kniebeuge, Kreuzheben und Bankdrücken. Lernen und trainieren der Technik, sowie Aufbau von Maximalkraft.

Mobility: In unsern Mobilityklassen zeigt Euch unsere Physio Lynn eine Anzahl von spezifischen Mobilitydrills, welche Eure Beweglichkeit und Stabilität verbessern. Die regelmässige Ausführung dieser Übungen helfen Euch im Training effizienter zu sein, und Eure Bewegungen korrekt auszuführen.

Masters: Die Klasse für unsere 50+ CrossFitter! Das Programm ist dasselbe wie bei den All Levels, einige Übungen werden aber skaliert, abgestimmt auf das Fitness Level der Teilnehmer.

WOD Express: Der Quickie für viel beschäftigte Leute. Früh morgens oder während Eurer Mittagspause könnt Ihr für 40  Minuten ein kompaktes, intensives und effizientes Training erleben – in unserer zweiten Box im Herzen der Stadt, CrossFit Basel Downtown.  

#THEMGAINZZZ: 75 Minuten Bodybuilding mit Fokus auf Hypertrophie. Wir treten in die Fusstapfen des heiligen Arnie.

Personal Training (Link BP PT): Wir bieten 1:1 Trainingsstunden mit unseren Coaches an. Das Programm ist speziell auf Eure Bedürfnisse abgestimmt und basiert auf Euren Zielen. Personal Training kann immer gebucht werden, es ist keine Mitgliedschaft bei CrossFit Basel nötig.


Wir bieten auch die Möglichkeit eines Ernährungschecks an, mit Empfehlungen, Tips und Beratung beim Ernährungsplan und beim Erreichen Eurer Ziele. Die Ernährung ist ein grosser Teil eines gesunden Lebensstils und hat ebenso eine grosse Auswirkung auf die Leistung im Training. Wir sind hier um Euch zu helfen, die beste Leistung zu bringen und Euch dabei fit und gut zu fühlen. Wenn Ihr spezifische Fragen zum Training habt, könnt Ihr uns ebenfalls jederzeit darauf ansprechen.

Unser Ziel ist es, dass unsere Kunden fit sind und bleiben, Kraft gewinnen und Vertrauen in ihre sportlichen und mentalen Fähigkeiten bekommen – alles mit einer grossen Portion Spass. Gesundheit für uns bedeutet nicht für eine bestimmte Zeitperiode fit zu sein, sondern sich lebenslang und ganzheitlich leistungsfähig zu fühlen. Mit unserer grossen Auswahl an Trainings versuchen wir alle Wünsche und Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen – und wir sind sicher damit auf dem richtigen Weg zu sein um die ganzheitliche, integrative und umfassende Fitness für alle hervorzubringen.


CrossFit Basel was founded in 2009 and has expanded its offer of classes ever since.

Starting off with about 10 CrossFit classes per week only, our gym slowly but steadily increased the frequency of the classes plus added specific trainings to support your progress in all parts of CrossFit.

Today, our schedule holds over 100 classes in both affiliates per week. There is hardly a time a day when you can not train – the last class ends shortly before bedtime at 9:30pm. We try to cover everyones needs and therefore created this huge variety of trainings. Additionally, we aim for success – having a large team of CrossFit competitors, a weightlifting club of which the major part of the lifters are part of the national squad and a Powerlifting team which is the strongest in Switzerland, we keep our training level high and strive to perfect our performances.

Good coaching makes happy and strong athletes and this is our number one priority.


CrossFit Levels: 

Intro: Introduction into CrossFit training, the philosophy, the box, our system. The very first class for absolute newbies.

Beginners: The programming is very similar to the All Levels classes, yet the exercises are adapted to the capacity of the athletes. A great opportunity to get to know all the movements in a small group of maximum eight participants.

All Levels: All Levels is the classic. Broken down into a Warm-Up, Skill- and Strength Part plus the Workout of the Day (WOD) this class provides a full and efficient CrossFit Training in 60 minutes. The programming of the All Levels prescribes 3 days of a Push-, Pull- and Lower Body Strength Exercise plus on the 4th day Skill practicing and a longer WOD.

Advanced: 90minutes CrossFit on an advanced level including an intense Warm-Up, multiple workouts, olympic weightlifting and strength part. Open for athletes who master 90% of the skills and absolved at least 100 classes.

Competition: The Training for the Cracks. Open for competitors or competitors-to-be – Athletes must dominate all skills and being able to go all out for 120 minutes.


Specific Trainings: 

WOD: Focus on Endurance and willpower. Multiple short or one long Workout lead you through a class full of strength endurance, cardio and efficiency.

Olympic Weightlifting: Olympic Weightlifting is a huge part of CrossFit and you will always be caught by Snatches and Clean&Jerks during workouts. Besides that, CrossFit Basel hosts the Weightlifting club of Basel and competes regularly during the Weightlifting season. With success – GHCBB (Gewichtheberclub beider Basel) is the most successful club in Switzerland. We work in cycles of either Snatch or Clean&Jerk with an intense focus on technique.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics skills with bodyweight only. You’ll be going through strength exercises at the rings and the rack, plus Gymnastics skills are taught built-on progressions.

Powerlifting: Cardio-free zone. Practicing strength in the three movements Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Improvement of technique and increasing maximum strength.

Mobility: In our Mobility classes, physio Lynn guides you through a variety of specific mobility exercises and stretches to improve your flexibility. Performing these exercises regularly will help you to train more efficiently and will support a better range of motion in your training.

Masters: The class for our 50+ CrossFitters! The program is the same as All Levels with scalings and adaptions according to the capacity of our Masters.

WOD Express: The Quickie for busy people. Early morning and during your lunchbreak we offer 40 minutes compact, intense and efficient CrossFit training at our second affiliate in the city, CrossFit Basel Downtown.

#THEMGAINZZZ: 75 minutes of Bodybuilding with Focus on Hypertrophy. Following the tracks of his holiness Arnie.

Personal Training: You can have a 1:1 Training with one of our coaches. The program will be specifically customized to your needs, and based on the goals you want to achieve. Personal Training is open for anyone, there is no need to be a CFBS member.

Our members get the opportunity to talk to our coaches for a personal nutrition check and advice, and how to achieve your goals. Nutrition is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle and has a just as big impact on our training performance. We are here to help our athletes to eat to perform and to feel at their best. If you have specific questions regarding your training or your workout plan, we are here to help you with that too.

Our goal is to help our members staying fit, gaining strength and confidence in their capabilities and most importantly having fun training. Health for us means good and sustainable fitness lifelong, not only for a period of time. With this large choice of classes we believe to satisfy all needs and wants – and we are sure to be on the right track to forge the broad, general and inclusive fitness.