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Results 1st League Championship Olympic Weightlifting Bern

Past Saturday, the first round of the 1st League Championship in Olymic Weightliftung took place in Bern.

CrossFit Basel was represented by 19 athletes who made it to the podium SEVEN times! This brings us to a team evaluation where we reach 1st place in the Ladies League, 1st League and National League B – and a second place in the National League A.

A few highligths: 

Swiss Record Clean&Jerk with 62kg by Jessica Preiss.

1st place in Nat. League B for Benaja Wälchli with a total of 241kg.

Tom Schwander reached a total of 306.9 Sinclair Points which is currently the 3rd best valutaion in Switzerland.

Podium positions: 

1st League:

Lukas Büel, 2nd place: Snatch / 72kg – Clean&Jerk / 100kg

Ladies League:

Romina Wicki, 2nd place: Snatch 63kg / Clean&Jerk 75kg

Nadine Steinger, 3rd place: Snatch 65kg / Clean&Jerk 85kg

Nat. League B:

Benaja Wälchli, 1st place: Snatch 106kg / Clean&Jerk / 135kg

Felix Egli, 2nd place: Snatch 95kg / Clean&Jerk 120kg

Jona Harder, 3rd place: Snatch 100kg / Clean&Jerk 125kg

Nat. League A:

Tom Schwander, 3rd place: Snatch 120kg / Clean&Jerk 142kg

Ramon Gysin, 4th place: Snatch 117kg / Clean&Jerk 140kg

All other results: 

1st League

4th place Daniel Sollberger: Snatch 85kg / Clean&Jerk 110kg

5th place Rooven Brucker: Snatch 85kg / Clean&Jerk 108kg

Ladies League:

11th place Deborah Jäggi: Snatch 48kg / Clean&Jerk 62kg

12th place Vanessa Grosdanoff: 57kg / Clean&Jerk 75kg

6th place Katrin Luethy: Snatch 55kg / Clean&Jerk 68kg

10th place Bao Luu: Snatch 50kg / Clean&Jerk 67kg

5th place Alessia Wälchli: Snatch 58kg / Clean&Jerk 75kg

4th place Jessica Preiss

8th place Lynn Radusch: Snatch 55kg / Clean&Jerk 77kg

National League B: 

5th place Fabian Tresch: Snatch 85kg / Clean&Jerk 120kg

National League A:

8th place Benjamin Hohermuth: Snatch 80kg / Clean&Jerk: 110kg

ALL results here.

Videos of the lifts can be found here.

More pictures on Flickr.

Congratulations everyone, excellent start into this year’s Olympic Lifting Season!!

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