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Olympisches Gewichtheben – 1. Ligarunde Inferieur Zentral: GHCBB mit 6 Podestplätzen

(english version below)

Der Gewichtheberclub beider Basel tritt mit insgesamt 14 Athletinnen und Athleten an der 1. Ligarunde Inferieur Zentral an

Gestern Samstag wurde die Gewichthebersaison 2020 in Moutier mit der ersten Ligarunde Inferieur Zentral eröffnet.

  • GHCBB Heber/innen mit 6 Podestplätzen
  • Nadja Häfliger gewinnt die 2. Liga Frauen

Übersicht aller Resultate der 1. Ligarunde Inferieur Zentral

1. Liga Damen:

2. Jolanda Holzherr (61/73/134) – 173 Sinclair

3. Claudia Aghte (61/78/139) – 171 Sinclair

4. Krysia Waterhouse (62/88/150) – 166 Sinclair

6. Rahel Eglin (56/76/132) – 164 Sinclair

2. Liga Damen:

1. Nadja Häfliger (48/63/111) – 156 Sinclair

3. Patricia Crowe (54/69/123) – 151 Sinclair

5. Linda Bräutigam (50/62/112) – 145 Sinclair

6. Deborah Pungitore (44/62/106) – 142 Sinclair

7. Lisa Karp (45/61/106) – 138 Sinclair

9. Zita Zeuggin (45/56/101) – 134 Sinclair

1. Liga Herren

4. Edmond ter Brugge (100/121/221)

2. Liga Herren

3. Roger Baldesberger (95/130/225)

4. Joel Eglin (90/115/205)

4. Liga Herren

2. Roland Riesen (69/82/151)

Der GHCBB gratuliert allen angereisten AthletInnen zu den starken Leistungen und wünscht viel Erfolg in der weiteren Saison.

Der nächste Wettkampf findet bereits am 7. März bei CrossFit Basel statt: 2. Ligarunde Inferieur.

Eine Gesamtübersicht der Resultate: Hier

Videos der besten Versuche: Hier

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(english version)

CrossFit Basels weightlifting club (GHCBB) successful with 14 athletes at the 1st inferior „centre“ round.

  • 6 Podium spots overall.
  • Nadja Häfliger taking first place in the 2nd league

Overview of all the results

1. Liga Damen:

2. Jolanda Holzherr (61/73/134) – 173 Sinclair

3. Claudia Aghte (61/78/139) – 171 Sinclair

4. Krysia Waterhouse (62/88/150) – 166 Sinclair

6. Rahel Eglin (56/76/132) – 164 Sinclair

2. Liga Damen:

1. Nadja Häfliger (48/63/111) – 156 Sinclair

3. Patricia Crowe (54/69/123) – 151 Sinclair

5. Linda Bräutigam (50/62/112) – 145 Sinclair

6. Deborah Pungitore (44/62/106) – 142 Sinclair

7. Lisa Karp (45/61/106) – 138 Sinclair

9. Zita Zeuggin (45/56/101) – 134 Sinclair

1. Liga Herren

4. Edmond ter Brugge (100/121/221)

2. Liga Herren

3. Roger Baldesberger (95/130/225)

4. Joel Eglin (90/115/205)

4. Liga Herren

2. Roland Riesen (69/82/151)

We congratulate all athletes for their strong performances and wish them good luck for the rest of the season.

The next competition is coming up soon on March 7th at CrossFit Basel: 2nd match of the „Inferieur Centre“, don’t miss out. The schedule will be released soon.

All the results: Here

Videos of the best lifts: Here

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STAY STRONG – Präsident Ramon Gysin

Results Swiss Powerlifting Championships (SDFPF) 2016 – Lausanne



On Sunday, March 20th, the Swiss Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (part of WDFPF) hosted their annual Swiss Championships in Lausanne. 30 athletes participated. The Committee thanks all volunteers and all participants, congratulations for the great results!

CrossFit Basel was represented by seven athletes and won 6 gold medals, took 9 swiss and 2 european records!

Monika, Sonja, Aline, Nick and me (Ramon) qualified for the World Championships in November.

Our lifting Team currently holds 78 swiss, 3 european and 5 world records!

Find detailed results and videos on the bottom of the post.

What is Powerlifting?

Every athlete has three attempts in the following three exercises (Powerlifts). The total of the best lifts count towards the total.


275.5kg Backsquat 2 – Ramon Gysin @99.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Bench Press:

170kg Bench Press 3 – Ramon Gysin @99.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.


WR 207.5kg Deadlift 3 – Nora Jäggi @74.3kg – Powerlifting WC (WDFPF) 2014 Chisinau Moldova from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

You can also compete in Single Lift Competitions where you choose to compete in one, two, or all three lifts, but get ranked separately in each lift.

The next event is the Swiss Single Lift Championship in Colombier (Saturday April 23rd).

There are raw competitions where only a belt is allowed and there are equipped competitions (single ply => one layer of suits/equipment and multi ply => several layers of equipment) where athletes wear assistant suits, briefs and knee wraps to be able to lift much more weight.

Team CrossFit Basel is competing raw.

What is the WDFPF?

The World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation was established to give drug free lifters a home as in most strength sports there is no or little drug testing. In fact there is no other sports federation (including ALL olympic sports!) in the world today that knows such severe punishment like the WDFPF. If an athlete is tested positive he will be banned FOR LIFE and all past results will be erased.


The official results of the Swiss Powerlifting Championships (SDFPF) 2016 – Lausanne:


Best Lifter:

1. Edmund Prizeman 394.91
2. Ramon Gysin 381.20
3. Mauro Calderara 353.89

1. Linda Morgenthaler 272.89
2. Tanja Zwicky 245.97
3. Katia Kellenberger 240.34

Congratulations to everyone for your fantastic performance and great achievements!

Results Team CrossFit Basel:


Monika Kohler, Swiss Champion M4/-70kg:

Backsquat: 85kg (Swiss Record)
Bench Press: 50kg (Swiss Record)
Deadlift: 102.5kg (European Record)
Total: 237.5kg (European Record)/181.33 points

85kg Kniebeugen (CH Rekord) – Monika Kohler-Wiesli @ 69.3kg M4 – SDFPF Powerlifting Schweizermeisterschaft 2016 – Lausanne from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Sonja Gysin, Swiss Champion M3/-58.5kg:

Backsquat: 55kg (Swiss Record)
Bench Press: 38kg (Swiss Record)
Deadlift: 110kg (Swiss Record)
Total: 203kg (Swiss Record)/179.15 points

110kg Kreuzheben (CH Rekord) – Sonja Gysin @ 58.2kg M3 – SDFPF Powerlifting Schweizermeisterschaft 2016 – Lausanne from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Aline Seebacher, Swiss Champion SR/-70kg:

Backsquat: 100kg
Bench Press: 67.5kg
Deadlift: 122.5kg
Total: 290kg/238.82 points

122.5kg Kreuzheben – Aline Seebacher @ 63.2kg SR – SDFPF Powerlifting Schweizermeisterschaft 2016 – Lausanne from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.


Fisnik Kuçi, Swiss Champion JR/-75kg:

Backsquat: 107.5kg
Bench Press: 77.5kg
Deadlift: 167.5kg
Total: 352.5kg/242.31 points

167.5kg Kreuzheben – Fisnik Kuçi @ 71.9kg JR – SDFPF Powerlifting Schweizermeisterschaft 2016 – Lausanne from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Fiorino D’Angelo, 4th place SR/-100kg:

Backsquat: 110kg
Bench Press: 75kg
Deadlift: 170kg
Total: 355kg/197.56 points

170kg Kreuzheben – Fiorino D'Angelo @ 99.0kg SR – SDFPF Powerlifting Schweizermeisterschaft 2016 – Lausanne from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Ramon Gysin, Swiss Champion SR/-100kg:

Backsquat: 260kg
Bench Press: 160kg
Deadlift: 265kg
Total: 685kg/381.20 points

160kg Bankdrücken – Ramon Gysin @ 99.0kg SR – SDFPF Powerlifting Schweizermeisterschaft 2016 – Lausanne from CrossFit Basel on Vimeo.

Find the best lifts of Team CrossFit Basel on vimeo.

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Reports from the past:


Swiss Championships

World Single Lift Championships

World Championships


Swiss Championships

European Championships

World Single Lift Championships

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Swiss Championships


Swiss Championships

European Single Lift Championships

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Swiss Championships


World Championships


Swiss Championships

Reebok CrossFit Games Open WOD 16.2


Video Credit: Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

Workout 16.2

Beginning on a 4-minute clock, complete as many reps as possible of:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans, 135 / 85 lb.

If completed before 4 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
13 squat cleans, 185 / 115 lb.

If completed before 8 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
11 squat cleans, 225 / 145 lb.

If completed before 12 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
9 squat cleans, 275 / 175 lb.

If completed before 16 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
7 squat cleans, 315 / 205 lb.

Stop at 20 minutes.

All details here.

Headcoach Ramon Gysin sums up the numbers, what, why and how of Open WOD 16.2:

Yes, Toes to bars (many), Double Unders and Squat Cleans. Aaaaand a flow, that looks familiar:


This workout was about pacing your ability in either one of the movements, mainly Toes to bars and Squat Cleans. Find the optimal pace for the Toes to Bar or the Squat Cleans. Get through the Double Unders quick. Try to survive one challenging round and give it your all in the last four minutes. Ending far in the Squat cleans in your final round, that hurt. But so it is.

From my own perspective it was a very painful workout, heck, I did it twice. Stupid me.

Some seemed to agree:


photo credit Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

Some visualised their Toes to bar in joy:


photo credit Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

Painfaces everywhere, it was no joke this workout:


photo credit Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

Rankings so far in Region Europe:


Yes, our Team is back on page 1 of the Leaderboard. Let’s climb further up that ranking, come on Dave, bring that heavy Snatch in Workout 16.3b!

Official analysis from the games site.

Current standings of CrossFit Basel and CrossFit Basel Downtowns internal Open competition:

WOD-Nit (Nicole) 47
Bully Buddies (Andi) 47
DT Outlaws (Lorenz) 58
Team Hoff 49
Bomb Squad (Döne) 59


The spirit points go to Captain Lorenz and Team Downtown Outlaws, awesome shirts:


Team bonding points will be awarded to Captain Andi and his Team BullyBuddies:



Men Overall in Region Europe:

1. Joel Wächter (672)

2. Tom Schwander (863)

3. Ramon Gysin (1093)

4. Nikola Jevtic (2365)

5. Basil Bard (2480)

Special Shout out to Dark Horse Basil, his performance in the first two WODs was really strong!

photo credit Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

photo credit Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

Sascha Albini Masters 40-44 (73)

Women Overall in Region Europe:

1. Alessia Wälchli (85)

2. Pascale Herrmann (476)

3. Katrin Lüthy (551)

4. Jessica Preiss (553)

5. Aline Seebacher (588)

Nicole Reichmuth Masters 45-49 (35)

Men WOD 16.2

1. Joel Wächter (339)

2. Ramon Gysin (262)

3. Tom Schwander (259)

4. Jona Harder (177)

5. Manuel von Allmen (176)

Women WOD 16.2

1. Alessia Wälchli (341)

2. Katrin Lüthy (257)

3. Aline Seebacher (255)

4. Pascale Herrmann (253)

5. Jessica Preiss (253)


photo credit Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

CrossFit Basel Downtown Custom Leaderboard MEN:


CrossFit Basel Downtown Custom Leaderboard WOMEN:


CrossFit Basel Custom Leaderboard MEN:


CrossFit Basel Custom Leaderboard WOMEN:


Thanks Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny for the pictures and videos! Find more here:

Media 16.1

Media 16.2


photo credit Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny

Reebok CrossFit Games Open WOD 15.1

Thursdaynight, February 27th 2015, the first WOD of the CrossFit Games Open was released. We were all eagerly waiting to see what they came up with this time. Here’s what we got:

Workout 15.1

9 minutes AMRAP:

15 Toes to Bar

10 Deadlifts

5 Snatches

Workout 15.1A

6 minutes Time Cap:

1-Rep-Max Clean&Jerk

The first member on Friday 7am who tackled the challenge was our master member Esteban. In his usual ‚I-kick-my-ass-and-scream‘, he rocked that 15.1.


Rankings so far in Region Europe:

Men Overall:

1. Benaja Wälchli (350)

2. Joel Wächter (2549)

3. Claudio Gallasch (2385)

4. Ramon Gysin (2725)

5. Tom Schwander (2981)

Women Overall:

1. Alessia Wälchli (328)

2. Nadine Steinger (337)

3. Katrin Luethy (685)

4. Bao Luu (930)

5. Lynn Radusch (729)

Men WOD 15.1

1. Benaja Wälchli (205)

2. Claudio Gallasch (185)

3. Lukas Büel (168)

4. Fabian Tresch (162)

5. Joel Wächter (158)

Men WOD 15.1A

1. Ramon Gysin (137.5)

2. Tom Schwander (135)

3. Benaja Wälchli (130)

4. Joel Wächter (120)

5. Jona Harder (120)

Women WOD 15.1

1. Alessia Wälchli (183)

2. Katrin Luethy (176)

3. Jessica Preiss (163)

4. Nadine Steinger (160)

5. Bao Luu (150)

Women WOD 15.1 A

1. Nora Jäggi (91)

2. Nadine Steinger (88.5)

3. Lynn Radusch (81)

4. Alessia Wälchli (78.5)

5. Romina Wicki (78.5)


Headcoach Ramon Gysin’s recap of the first round of this year’s CrossFit Games Open:

‚First week down. The box is literally vibrating. Five weeks in which everyone is nervous and the air is full of tension.

I love the opens and I hate it as well. I love it, because people seem to be more alive. They want to achieve something – they have goals they want to reach, they compete against each other. I love to see their smiles if they did much better than expected.

I also love to see their fear cause I know this experience will teach them a lesson in life as well.

I hate it (sarcasm right there ;)) because it is extremely time consuming and it’s hardly possible to get any other work done during these five weeks. Our team invests plenty of extra time and effort to make this happen for you!

Enough philosophy, back to the numbers – basically the main task during these five weeks – leaderboarding. It’s all about the numbers in the end.

CrossFit is getting  more and more competitive and the qualifications toughen up every year. That is a good thing – we don’t want to get lazy or stand still, do we? This year, CrossFit Headquarters designed super regions. Only twenty teams from Europe will go to the Regional Games this year, together with ten teams from Africa!

The individual athletes will drop out of the teams AFTER the Opens. This way, it is very hard to predict which ranking has to be striven for to be qualified in the end. Last year, the leaderboard changed dramatically! Currently, we are sitting on place 26 in Europe out of over 400 registered teams. Together with the team from our friends of CrossFit Turicum we are the best teams in the german speaking area.

Part 15.1a (1-max-rep C&J) brought us rank eleven, which is actually the second best Open result ever. Technically, this means we have some of the best CrossFit weightlifters in Europe at our box. Obviously, the work in our very successful olympic weightlifting club, lead-managed by uncle Tom pays off!

Personally, I must say that I am very happy with my results – I was close to some of the youngsters and CrossFit specialists from my box.


IMG_8681   IMG_8736

Let’s see what comes up next? Quoting my friend Jami: ‚It’s gonna be CrossFit.“

 Workout 15.2 is out!

For as long as possible:

0:00 – 03:00 – 2 rounds of:

10 Overhead Squats (95/65lbs)

10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

03:00 – 06:00 – 2 rounds of:

12 Overhead Squats (95/65lbs)

12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

06:00 – 09:00 – 2 rounds of:

14 Overhead Squats

14 chest-to-bar pull-ups


Strength in Depth Competition

On the weekend of December 13/14 2014, a group of athletes from CrossFit Basel travelled to Bath University Sports Village, UK to participate in the biggest European International Team Competition – next to the Regionals – the Strength in Depth Competition. One team requires a minimum of seven male and five female athletes of which one of each has to be over 40 years of age.

Qualifying out of close to 100 teams as fifth during the ‚Qualifiers‘ – 3 qualification rounds – CrossFit Basel was represented in the Final by:


Katrin Luethy

Alessia Wälchli

Nora Jäggi

Romina Wicki

Denise Koller

Jessica Preiss


Tom Schwander

Benaja Wälchli

Claudio Gallasch

Ramon Gysin

Sascha Albini

Fabian Tresch

Basil Bard

Sabine von Salis joined the team as physio support as well as Sibylle Delvoigt as fan support.


You can watch two videos of the three qualification rounds here.

6 of the athletes absolved their first international competition (Alessia, Jessica, Basil, Denise, Benaja and Sascha). Sascha and Denise represented the required master athletes of the team. Jessica travelled along as a cover up athlete, and kept the team in good spirits.

All in all, 9 events and the final event had to be absolved within these two days. Saturday was covered by events 1-6, whereas the remaining events took place on Sunday. Have a look at the programming of the events here.

To start off the competition right, our team won event 01A: 1 max rep Snatch, 1 max rep Frontsquat with a total weight of 1305kg. Event 5, which consisted of 10m sprint / Med Ball Throw-Over Shoulder (75kg/45kg) / 10m sprint was dominated by the ladies of the team who placed first – as a full team, they finished in second place. Here’s the video of the male’s performance!

15992279176_054684481a_z 15395804034_1be0c34778_b

They came in 7th in the last final event and stayed persistent with their power and strength all the way throughout the two competition days. Despite a minimum of preparation for the competition, the team reached a fantastic fourth place overall with 251 points.

If you would like to watch the videos of the competition, highlighting the video of CrossFit Basel who wins event 01A, plus various interviews with our athletes, you can simply register with your name and emailaddress at SiDTV.

All pictures are to be found on our Flickr account.

Well done, congratulations!


Rückblick auf die Powerlifting Weltmeisterschaft 2014 (WDFPF) in Chisinau, Moldawien

Am vergangenen Samstag fand in Chisinau, Moldawien die Powerlifting Weltmeisterschaft statt. CrossFit Basel wurde von 2 Athleten vertreten – Ramon Gysin, Headcoach und Inhaber CrossFit Basel und Nora Jäggi, Coach. Was die beiden an diesem Wettkampftag leisteten, war exzeptionell. Nora, 19 Jahre alt, 74,3 kg Körpergewicht stand am Ende des Tages zuoberst auf dem Podest – sie setzt an diesem Samstag DREI neue Weltrekorde! In den Disziplinen Bankdrücken und Kreuzheben stellt sie zwei neue Weltrekorde auf, welche ihr zusammen mit ihrer Kniebeuge von 137.5kg auch den Weltrekord im Total einbrachten. Unglaublich ist selbstverständlich der Deadlift mit 207.5 kg. Ebenso beeindruckend ist der Backsquat mit 137.5 kg und Bench Press mit 77.5kg. Sie bekam den Titel ‚Best lifter‘ (Punktwertung abhängig von Geschlecht und Körpergewicht multipliziert mir bewegtem Gewicht) und stand als stolze und würdige Gewinnerin auf dem ersten Platz. DSC_6872 Nicht nur CrossFit Basel, vor allem aber auch ihr Coach, Ramon Gysin ist enorm stolz auf diese starke Leistung und die Disziplin von Nora. Wie schon oft in der Vergangenheit zeigt sich einmal mehr, wie wichtig die Faktoren harte Arbeit, eine gesunde mentale Einstellung und ein guter Coach für den Erfolg sind. DSC_6779

Ramon selber erlebte an seiner fünften Weltmeisterschaft einen extrem spannenden Kampf um die Weltspitze mit drei weiteren Athleten: Corrado Sirragusa (Italien), Alexandru Satalenco (Moldawien), und Victor Gogu (Moldawien). Sie alle starteten mit einem Gewicht von 260-265kg im Backsquat. Innerhalb der ersten zehn Minuten wurden sieben Versuche, den Weltrekord zu brechen absolviert. Am Ende setzte Corrado einen neuen Weltrekord im Backsquat mit 277.5kg – Ramon verfehlte sehr knapp einen neuen Rekord bei seinem Versuch von 280.5kg. Auch beim Deadlift lieferte sich die -100kg Kategorie ein Kopf-an-Kopf Rennen. Ramon fokussierte sich auf den zweiten Platz, da es offensichtlich war, dass Corrado im Kreuzheben überlegen ist. Victor, Alexandru und Ramon kämpften bis zum letzten Versuch und Ramon holte sich mit 2.5kg mehr im Total den zweiten Platz. Er erreicht den sechsten Platz in der Wertung ‚best lifter‘ bezogen auf sein Total, Körpergewicht und Alter. Die Geamtresultate und persönliche Bestleistungen von Ramon: Backsquat: 275.5kg (pB) Bench Press: 170kg (pB) Deadlift: 280kg Total: 725.5kg (pB) Die Leistungen und Potentiale in dieser Kategorie führen zu extrem spannenden Wettkämpfen und man kann sich auf weitere Battles der -100kg Männer freuen. Wie Ramon selber sagt, war es für ihn einer der spannendsten und herausforderndsten Wettkämpfe in seiner Karriere als Powerlifter.


Ein weiterer, vielversprechender Kandidat ist Matthias Nachbur. Matthias ist wie Nora noch jung (19 Jahre) und hat nur wenige Monate vor der Weltmeisterschaft mit Ramon angefangen zu trainieren. Ramon entdeckte ihn während der Rob Orlando Strongman Challenge im Juni bei uns im CrossFit Basel und emutigte ihn, am Wettkampf teilzunehmen.
Matthias schaffte es beinahe 2 neue Weltrekorde – Kniebeuge und Total – zu setzen. Ebenfalls hat er im Kreuzheben den Weltrekord nur ganz knapp verfehlt.
Es ist offensichtlich, dass in diesem Athleten grosses Potential steckt und er sich zukünftig im Powerlifting Sport klar viel Respekt verschaffen kann.

Herzliche Gratulation auch an die anderen Teilnehmer des Schweizer Teams:
Anna Wyss (2. -55.5kg), Riccardo Brancato (1. -75kg M2), Katia Bachmann (1. -80kg SR).
Anna Wyss‘ Trainingspläne werden ebenfalls von Ramon geschrieben und er betreut sie seit über einem Jahr als Coach.
Ein unvergessliches Wochenende für unsere Athleten und grosse Erfolge, die Geschichte schreiben werden.
CrossFit Basel und alle Members gratulieren zu diesen hervorragenden Leistungen – weiter so!!

Alle Videos Alle Fotos Alle Resultate Ramons Bericht