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The Training Plan – the conception, our contribution

Back in our post about the year in review 2014, we mentioned Ramon’s contribution and support of a concept called The Training Plan. Now that he spent a weekend in Manchester at the Athlete Games, working as a coach and supporting TTP’s owner, Jami Tikkanen’s work with the athletes, we would like to introduce you to the idea behind the Training Plan.

Courtney Walker (CF San Francisco), John Singleton (CF Mallorca), Ramon Gysin (CF Basel), Jami Tikkanen (TTP), Frankie Newall (TTP)

Courtney Walker (CF San Francisco), John Singleton (CF Mallorca), Ramon Gysin (CF Basel), Jami Tikkanen (TTP), Frankie Newall (TTP) – Photo by Chris Greer

Alexander Elebro (CF Solid)

Alexander Elebro (CF Solid) – Photo by Chris Greer

The Training Plan is a movement based SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness) template designed for CrossFit athletes. The goal is to help them achieve their full potential in Sport and Fitness. Whether the goal is to compete at a local level or to stand on the podium at the CrossFit Games –  The Training Plan’s commitment is to provide a Plan that will get the athletes there. The foundation of the plan is built around movement patterns regardless of the type or duration of the challenge the athlete is facing. Investment in good mechanics won’t only allow an athlete to fully express the physical potential on the Game day but also to have a long and healthy career.

Several components are involved in the concept of The Training Plan:

Movement-based Programming 

Skill development

Energy systems development

Ability to produce and sustain high power outputs both aerobically and anaerobically

Strength development

Various methods of training ranging from strength aerobic to maximal effort to address all the components of strength

Mobility work 

Working on a sufficient range of motion and making mobility part of the daily practise


Emphasis lays on good form based on solid practise for Snatch and Clean & Jerk


Building the required strength, developing the skill to carry this strength and then applying it to specific techniques


Programming specific restoration to support the training across the season to ensure best performance every day


Recommendations for a sound foundation of nutrition and hydration which can be adapted to individual requirements

As for Ramon’s role in the Training Plan:

Jami’s concept is followed by quite the impressing list of athletes such as Annie Thorisdottir, Frederik Aegidius, Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson, Simon Mäntylä and Lukas Högberg. All athletes receive programming and guidance from a fine coaching team which includes Jami Tikkanen himself, Chad Vaughn, Ramon Gysin (CF Basel), Darren Ellis (CF New Zealand) and Nate Helming (SFCF, Helming Athletics).

Ramon supports Jami in programming for individual athletes and for TTP in general, particularly in the area of strength. Via phone Ramon and Jami hold weekly meetings to discuss plus the athletes (such as Annie Thorisdottir, Frederik Aegidius) programming.

Ann-Katrin Weber (CF FRA) - Photo by Chris Greer

Ann-Katrin Weber (CF FRA) – Photo by Chris Greer

Athletes and Coaching Team

Some of the Athletes and the Coaching Team – Photo by Chris Greer

As for the results from The Athlete Games check the Scoreboard.

Congratulations to all the competitors and their coaches.

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