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Karate and CrossFit

Radovan Simic is a CrossFit athlete and former coach at our box since 2011. His main focus though lays on a sport he performs since the age of 10 – Karate.


CrossFit Basel sponsors his career since 2 years and provides the location and infrastructure for him to absolve 70% of his trainings. Besides his workouts at the box, he trains at Hayabusa Basel – all in all, he absolves 10-12 Training sessions per week. Radovan holds the black belt 1st Dan and is part of the National Swiss Team since 2004.

A few of the highlights of his career are:

  • Multiple times Swiss Champion in all age groups
  • 3rd place World University Championship
  • 3rd place Europe – and World Cup

Why CrossFit and Karate? ‚ The combination of the two sports works extremely well for me. Both of them are coordinatively and technically highly demanding and are based on Interval Endurance. Along with this, both sports train maximal and explosive strength. The fights show a similar short and intense dynamic which is an ideal completion of my training program.‘

Past Weekend, he travelled to Almere, Netherlands to take part in one of the Karate 1 Premier League Competitions. These take place all over the World (France, Turkey, Egypt, Austria, Germany, Japan, and Brazil) and are qualification rounds for the European- and World Championships.

IMG_8186 _MG_8179

This competition in Almere is one of the biggest Karate 1 tournaments, since it is the last one before the European Championship and is booked by pretty much all the premium Karate athletes from around the world.

This years season was disappointing for Radovan, and on Sunday, he lost 4:2 in the first round against his opponent Zarko Arsovski from Macedonia in the category Kumite +84kg. To his credit, Radovan was injured over 3,5 months prior to the start of the tournaments. In November, he injured the medial collateral ligament and in December he broke his big toe on the right. Limited in training due to these injuries, he wasn’t able to go all out and accordingly wasn’t in his usual shape for the start of the season.

IMG_8203 IMG_8198

The final winner of the tournament in the end was European and World Champion Jonathan Horne from Germany who fought in the final against Shahin Atamov from Azerbaijan.

We have no doubt that Radovan will come back stronger once he is fully recovered from his injuries – if this will be in Karate or CrossFit.